Meghan Markle was saved from committing a fashion faux pas by her sweetest father in law Prince Charles

Meghan's father-in-law, helped her make a difficult royal decision that acted as saving grace
Meghan Markle was saved from committing a fashion faux pas by her sweetest father in law Prince Charles
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Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and hubby Prince Harry, recently attended their first ever state dinner overseas in Fiji. At the event, the Duchess sported a Fiji blue cape dress which was appropriate for the occasion and she paired it with glamorous show-stopping earrings and velvet ink blue pumps, which reminded us of Elsa from Frozen. What many people found awkward, was that she didn't wear her tiara with the dress for the occasion. And Prince Harry's father, Prince Charles, played a huge role in this decision, according to sources. 

Apparently, wearing a tiara for the occasion would have been a major faux pas, which Prince Charles saved Meghan Markle from! For private evening affairs, married royals do wear tiaras but for this occasion, Charles told Markle that a tiara for this occasion sporting a tiara could be seen as "extravagant" or "reminiscent of a bygone era." Apparently, lavish royal headpieces need to be avoided in certain areas of the Commonwealth. Markle was initially supposed to wear the tiara but decided to go with her father-in-law's advice instead
While Markle could have done as she pleased, she finally went with Prince Charles' advice. A source close to the family told Daily Mail, "Meghan did not understand all of this because she was new to the role and so Prince Charles told her that it would not be appropriate. It was very kindly done." So instead of the large tiara, Markle opted for chandelier diamond earrings from the Royal Collection instead, and still looked stunning at the event!
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She looks divine in that outfit... Or any outfit for that matter
But to be frank, dark colours do suit her better.

she dsnt seem preggers at all..her bump keeps changing size all the time..shes always in high heels,able to bend&squat like without any effort&theyve opted for a home birth..this child is coming via a surrogate !!!

After robbing the natives for multiple centuries, pretend to look modest and better hide your wealth incase the poor peasants ask you to return wealth that rightfully belongs to them I mean remind them of a "bygone era" what a sugar coated sentence

I tried to follow up on this story, this is the only legit article I found. Thanks for the insight!

Oh my god, such a big decision, and I am enlightened with this news, so much these royals have to take care, wow, such a tough job...

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