Millennial central: 3 Gen-Y fashion trends that Alia Bhatt aced!

A true blue youth icon, Alia has really gotten a grasp on cool millennial trends. We investigate.
Millennial central: 3 Gen-Y fashion trends that Alia Bhatt aced!
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Alia Bhatt is all things millennial. There is no other word to describe her and her sartorial choices perfectly. While we are constantly going through archives constantly, we decided to do a bit of a fashion recon. We just sat down and looked at all sorts of millennial fashion trends - yes including millennial pink - and wanted to see who rocked them in the best way. You know, in a way where we could learn from them and make it our own. Guess who popped up? Unsurprisingly, it was Alia all the way. While she has done a lot of OTT trends - gowns, beyond ripped jeans, tie-n-dye all the way and body con dresses, - we found some wearable gen-Y and gen-Z trends that we think anyone could pull off. 

So here’s a lesson on how to wear 3 major millennial trends featuring Alia Bhatt. 

Trend 1: Dad shoes or chunky sneakers

Alia has really gotten the grasp on wearing chunky sneakers with any and every outfit. While she prefers keeping to athleisure when she’s at the airport, she will also pair chunky sneakers with some beautifully tailored pieces. The tip to keep in mind here is that you need to keep a little bit of space between the point where your sneaker ends on your ankle and the hem of your pants. If your pants don’t blend into the sneakers, it cuts the monotony and doesn’t make you look boxy. Case in point. 

Trend 2: Neon

Seriously this is our favourite trend. We keep looking for and talking about new ways to wear this oh-so-awesome and happy trend. Alia believes in wearing this trend in two extremes. Which is great because she is giving you choices on how to wear this trend, whatever your style sensibilities might be. You can either wear a neon dress or just settle with some bright accessories. 

Trend 3: Minimal heels

The shoes brought us to this discovery. Just like a lot of the trends from back then, the strappy shoes or barely-there heels are making a comeback. If she was not wearing chunky sneaks or platform heels then these were her go-to. Pick these up in any heel size and wear them with literally anything - yes even boyfriend jeans and yoga pants. 

Which trend do you think you could rock?

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Anonymous 6 months ago

She's beautiful in her own way. Why is there a need to compare anyone with others. Before you judge make sure you are perfect!

Anonymous 6 months ago

Clumsy dwarf

Anonymous 6 months ago

Look like a teenage boy transitioning

Anonymous 6 months ago

She tries so hard to look hot but she is not!

Anonymous 6 months ago

Katrina Kaif is a million times better than alia. She has long legs and athletic body while alia is so short and below average in looks. When Katrina was of Alia's age she was known as a Barbie because she looked like one.

Anonymous 6 months ago

True that

Anonymous 6 months ago

Her style sucks. She’s unattractive too. Priyanka deepika kangana anushka look way better than her.