Move over Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, THIS is the most liked Instagram picture of all time

In a bizarre turn of events, a picture of an egg is now the most liked picture on Instagram!
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In a bizarre turn of events, a picture of a small brown egg has taken over Instagram and Twitter and how! The picture which has been uploaded by the Instagram page 'world_record_egg' has now become the most liked picture on Instagram taking over Kylie Jenner's photograph. Kylie's picture which introduced daughter Stormi Webster to the world with the picture was initially the most liked picture of all time with over 18 million likes. The egg, on the other hand, has a whopping 24.5 million likes!



stormi webster 

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The Egg gang thanked their fans in an Instagram story by saying "This is madness. What a time to be alive." In response to this, Kylie uploaded a video of herself breaking a small brown egg, captioning it "Take that little egg." 



Take that little egg

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But the so-called egg gang is not the first to have tried to garner this number of likes. Half an Onion, a twitter page managed to garner around 6 million followers in an attempt to overtake the popularity of Donald Trump's Twitter account. The Egg gang is trying to do the same on Twitter by trying to get more than 5.3 million retweets. The most retweeted Tweet is by Yusaku Maezwa, the Japanese billionaire, who offered his followers an incentive of almost 1 billion to share his tweet! And now, the egg is now trying to become the most retweeted picture of all time as well. 

Will they succeed? Only time will tell! 

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