Need outfit inspiration for your birthday? Rihanna has you covered

Time to move on from those birthday horoscopes that tell you how to spend your day and tell you what you should do. Rihanna gives you the only horoscope you are going to need!
Celebrity Style,rihanna,rihanna fenty,rihanna birthday,rihanna horoscope,rihanna fashionNeed outfit inspiration for your birthday? Rihanna has you covered
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Everybody wants to know their horoscope and what their future holds. Tarot readings are the go-to for this very reason. But it is time to move over horoscopes and fortune tellers, for there is a new way to figure out things now. 

Birthday's are super important to everybody. And when it comes to birthdays, one of the biggest dilemmas we face during this time, is what to wear. Picking an outfit for the big day when you turn a year older, is one of the most difficult things in the world. But the most fierce and badass American singer-songwriter seems to have unknowingly made it tonnes easier! 

A new viral trend is taking over Twitter, where people are posting pictures of what Rihanna wore on their birthdays. And surprisingly, it is a whole mood and personality! Like most trends and things gone viral, nobody knows how this trend started. But one user, @chipnudepolish posted a picture of Rihanna at the 2016 BRIT awards held on February 25, wearing a sparkly lavender fringe dress. 


Obviously, people began responding to this tweet with their own versions of the results. It also seems like everybody is loving the results they are receiving because who wouldn't love a personlised Rihanna outfit inspiration for their big day? People are finding relations to their birthday month and day, by decoding Rihanna's outfits. "Rihanna on my birthday August 24 brings functional, perfect pieces because that is the virgo dress code," one user captioned her response. 


From glamorous and fiery to laid back and casual, each outfit that she wears, is a mood in itself. Whatever the day you were born, you will get a fabulous photo of Rihanna since she manages to wear something cool every single day of the year. 


Her outfit choices in the month of February-March also adequately satisfied her Piscean fans. "Rihanna on my birthday (3/13) is pink Pisces perfection and I could not have picked a better look if I tried," another user said. 

Even though she is a true Piscean, she seems to have decoded every zodiac look possible. "Aug 21- this is some Leo energy if I've ever seen it," another posted. For those who weren't entirely satisfied with the results, they seem to have figured out other ways to make their day better, by personally changing their birthday and picking out a date of the Fenty head's look they loved. "I have legally changed my birthday to May 4 because Rihanna in the yellow Guo Pei gown at the Met Gala literally gave me life," one user said. 


This challenge also made many people wonder if the singer actually plans and researches every month and the traits, styles and outfits that would suit it best, before picking her outfits of everyday. Some even suggest that RiRi is psyhic because the results are spot-on. 


Move on star signs, sun signs and moon signs, its time to pick out your own Rihanna sign! 


Have you checked your birthday yet? Upload your results below!


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