Oprah Winfrey looks phenomenal in Sabyasachi on the cover of Elle

The media mogul and talk show host looks graceful in a Sabyasachi creation
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The global icon Oprah is on the cover of this month's issue of India's Elle magazine, dressed in none other than Sabyasachi. The talk-show host looks stunning in the black wrap created by the Bengali designer. 
Along with the wrap, she is wearing 2.9-carat Zambian emerald and diamond earrings, also created by Sabyasachi. 
On his meet up with the media mogul, Sabyasachi in a post on his Instagram page said, that he first met her when he dressed Oprah up in a saree for a dinner with the royal family of Jaipur. They went on to talk about India - the spirituality, handicraft and  art,  when he went on to mention that he was opening a new store in Mumbai. "Oprah promised to swing by in the morning if she got time off from her busy schedule. I thought she was being polite! Imagine my gleeful surprise (and slight horror) when I realised I was sprawled on the floor like an exhausted starfish after completing the setup of the store, just as Oprah came breezing in, exactly at 10 am. She was magnanimous about it as I was mortified," he said. 
He describes her as somebody who is larger-than-life and also jokingly warns that "if she says she's coming home for pizza, you better take her word for it and keep that dinner table laid out well in time for her arrival."
We can't say we are surprised by the graciousness of Oprah and wish we got a glimpse of Sabyasachi's mortified expression! Nonetheless, she looks divine in his creation. What say? Let us know in the comment section below!
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I admire this woman.

we all know that racist Indians and especially sabyasachi and bollywood wuould not give a second glance to oprah, if she didnt have the world-wide market influence/reach and money

She inspires!!

Wow, so lovely, she looks so beautiful, so happy for sabya, guy truly deserves all the accolades, great going ...hope you get lot of success, and create many more amazing designs, so proud of you...

She must have refused to tie his chipiku bun. LOL!

Awesome elegant Oprah

A strong inspirational Black woman she is. Even as an Indian, she inspire me daily.

Seriously there’s this saying that black women or people in general don’t crack. Meaning that they all age slower out of all races. Their dark skin prevents them but aging. Compare a black woman in her 60s and a white woman on her 60s and you will see.


Love her!

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