Padmaavat: Couturiers Rimple & Harpreet Narula decode Aditi Rao Hydari's Begum Mehrunissa look

Aditi Rao Hydari is seen playing the role of Allahudin Khilji's beautiful wife Begum Mehrunissa in Padmaavat. Designers Rimple & Harpreet Narula shared an insight about what went behind the making of Aditi's character's look.
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It is an exciting time for couturiers Rimple & Harpreet Narula as they recently made their big Bollywood debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat. The designer duo has been styling B-town's leading ladies like Anushka Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha, Kangana Ranaut, Jacqueline Fernandez and many more. 


But, this is the very first time that they have forayed into costume designing for the leading cast of the magnum opus film Padmaavat starring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Other than these three mega-stars the film also features the beautiful and talented Aditi Rao Hydari and Jim Sarbh. In the movie, Aditi Rao Hydari is seen playing the role of Allahudin Khilji's beautiful wife Begum Mehrunissa. Speaking of her costumes, designers Rimple & Harpreet Narula shared an insight about what went behind the making of Aditi's character's look. They all spilled the details on her look in an Instagram post where they said- 

"Given Mehru's nomadic Turkish origins, we did a lot of research on the costumes and textiles of the belt, right from Afghanistan and the Khyber-Pakhtoon to Kazakhistan to the central Asia belt around Turkey. Her transition from a tribal princess to the Queen of the Delhi Sultanate gave us the opportunity to come up with a melange of attire that was both rustic as well as royal. Her journey across the sun-kissed stark landscapes of pebbles, sand and stone to the palaces of Delhi, hues of the the desert sunrise and the inky blues and blacks of the desert night rendered a very strong colour palette over which we juxtaposed various elements, motifs and techniques to establish both her odyssey as well as the vast empire she became the queen of."

They further added that- "Our own travels also came in handy as we have, over the years, collected samples of various old textiles such as Suzanis and Tapestries from various flea markets and auctions, which were great reference points for getting the styling..the look and feel just right. The Chinar Butti, stylized paisleys, Badaam Butti, Badaam Keri, Bathak Punj were used along with curvilinear motifs derived from sacred geometry- the moon and the star, Afghan, Mongol and Turkish elements to showcase her roots. Traditional tribal embroidery stitches such as the chain, satin, and buttonhole stitches were extensively used along with couching of tilla wires, in which the decorative thread is laid on the fabric as a raised line and stitched in place with a second thread. Given the cold climate of the period, we used a lot of old antique lots of velvets and silks, bought from specialist vendors to create the layered looks consisting of robes, jackets and floor-sweeping farshees made in the traditional Ottoman style which were further layered with antique shawls and vintage drapes." 

Pinkvilla, caught up with the designer duo as they discussed the making of Padmaavat's costumes. Check it here:


Pinkvilla, also exclusively caught up with the makers of the jewellery of Padmaavat, check the video out here:


Well, that is quite insightful, isn't it? What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. 


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She's so pretty ❤

Don't believe anything about khilji story I'm reading, nothing is clear.even in ybooks there is lots of variations on the just watch it for what it's in the movie.n don't believe it 100%

She's looking beautiful

They just showed the version of story in their own way,no one knows for sure about this, there are different accounts of the history of the story of khilji's. each one very different from the other,so no one knows the facts,it's all guesses

i am a pashtun from.paktia the word pashtun comes from paktia i am from the land of the pashtuns Afghanistan and khilji was a pashtun khilji tribe is famous in Afghanistan we speak Proper Pashto and it is a Pashto word

ok i M a pashtun and i guarantee you if some One is gay they will Cut his Head Off in Seconds- bachbaazi is a persian Word and not a Pashto word if you can not speak pashto or farsi just Keep your false Information to yourself and baachbaazi is common at tajiks

Whosoever you are, let me tell you. You have been the only sane voice amidst the chaos. Your take is the best i have seen on this issue and very balanced.

"Haughty and jealous" ? What a horrible way of putting it. How would you feel and react if you were married to a murderous dictator who was waging wars and collecting wives as trophies. First wife was right to feel hostile and unaccepting of his behaviour. Historians side only with male rulers and write biographies from their perspective .

To this day there is a practise of 'bachbaazi' among Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where men who are married with wives and identify as straight, have sexual relations with boys. This was shown in Frontline documentary that everyone has seen and even US troops who have returned have talked about it. Back then it was even more prevalent and it is noted by historians that Khilji would go to Slave markets and bought young male slaves for sexual pleasure. It was an accepted practise.

Most of this comment is correct, however, Tajiks are not Turkish, they’re Persian. I am an Afghan Tajik, so I can confirm that. Tajiks from Afghanistan and Tajikistan are considered Persians from the region of Central Asia.

in real life mehrunnisa was khiljis second wife. first wife was malikijahan. she was haughty and jealous she was killed by khilji when she beat mehrunnisa.mehrunnisa was some general's sister

then why are people coming out of the theaters and talking about how stunning Deepika looked?

Aditi looked the best. She was more beautiful then Deepika.

She's really pretty, but I don't think she has screen presence like Deepika, Priyanka and Aishwarya do

Khilji was not interested in men, they just showed it to create a bit more interesting dimensions to the character

I watched the film and i have this to say.

(1) First, Kudos to SLB for paying attention to small details, including the supporting cast. Everyone, from the dancers in Ranveer's song to the women in the last scene were outstanding. You could see the look of fear, yet courage in the faces of the women, including the young girl in the last scenes. Kudos, SLB!

(2) I have loved Deepika since Om Shanti Om but it's very unfair that the film is referred to as Deepika's film. In fact, it would be very wrong if this film is referred to as a female-centric film, because it is not. While Deepika's character is the central character but the person who stole the show was Ranveer (truth be told, this is the first film starring Ranveer that i have watched. I haven't watch BM or Ram Leela till date as i hate love stories that are like Romeo and Juliet). Everyone i spoke to in the cinema when the film was over agreed with me. I ended up hating and loving Alauddin at the same time. He was fascinating. The last character that left me so conflicted was SRK's character in Baazigar. Calling the film "Deepika's film" is similar to claiming that the hollywood movie "Troy" belonged to the actress that played Helen of Troy just because the war started because of her. Ranveer had the best lines and had even more screen space than Deepika. Even Shahid had more screen space and dialogues than Deepika. She was impressive, yes, but most of what she did was look really pretty. It got to a stage when i was watching the film that when they showed Deepika, i would be bored and be thinking "Can this scene be over so we can move on?". Frankly, the only part where she shined was the end. Fact.

(3) A less prettier actress should have been used as Alaudin's wife. Did you watch the scenes where Padmavati and Mehrunisa were together? Aditi Rao Hydari as Alauddin's wife in my opinion looked more beautiful, her outfit more fit for a queen and had such royal elegance that it doesn't make sense that Alauddin was going through all this trouble to get Padmavati but then he never saw her face. Who knows, if he had, he would have probably thought "But my queen at home is more beautiful!".

(4) Jim Sarbh made even more impact in the film than Deepika. He was amazing. I hope he gets his due in Bollywood.

(5) Now, i understand why actors like SRK and others rejected Shahid's role. Ratan Singh should have been giving better lines and story. I ended up being exasperated at his principles, although noble. Alauddin was written in such a way that he overshadowed Ratan Singh. In spite of the shortcomings however, Shahid did a very good job. You all should stop insulting him.

I also read up on the history of these characters and while the movie is entertaining, i feel bad that the truth was distorted so badly. The fight was never about a beautiful queen, that is mere fiction. And Alaudin was not some barbaric psycho as depicted in the film. Neither did he kill Ratan Singh. SLB should have made this film pure fiction instead of referring to real life characters.

Overall, it was an impressive film. Would i watch it again and again? Probably not. The only reason i would watch it again would be because i want to watch Alauddin. But then, that would be when i have it in DVD or downloaded in my laptop so i could just fast forward to his scenes.


even I found Aditi more than Dp in the movie..she sparkled in every frame that she appeared

Nobody cares about how fair or beautiful your clothes are. India has it all. That's why the world has cared and will always care about us

it makes sense to me because even in real life men cheat on beautiful powerful women with average women

My mom told me today Aditi comes from a royal family and she liked her in Bhoomi. Seriously why didn't Sanjay sir take her in the role of Padmavati? One of the biggest flaws of that movie is people even guys in the theatre were having trouble understanding how Khilji can repeatedly cheat and disrespect his stunning wife and destroy another kingdom for Padmavati cuz Aditi looked far more stunning than Deepika especially in their scenes together.

Pv, post my comments on how Most of India is ignorant about culture and ethnic makeover of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The truth will come out no matter what. Its better to learn early or history will teach it in harsher way.

Khilji was a Tajik ( Turkish) and not Pashtun. I'm a Pashtun from KPK Pakistan which was part of Afghanistan but annexed by British for 50 years and then they handed to Pakistan, in 1947. Right now, Pakistan hosts 30 million more Pashtuns than Afghanistan does. Pashtuns/Pathans are 20% of Pak population. Indians don't know the ethnic make over of Afghanistan or Pakistan. Most of them think that Afghanistan , especially Pakistan is an extension of their Indian Muslims and culture. Which is not true. Many blunders are seen whenever Bollywood tends to portray Afghan or Pakistani characters in their movies. For a reference, please follow this guidelines. Our brides don't wear red clothes ( Its all white), We don't eat daal chapatis, Wed don't call our parents Abu and Ami jaan, We don't greet with Adaab, we don't wear sherwani pajamas, our music is not Arabic, We don't live next to tombs and in areas full of green flags, we don't wear caps full of holes, we don't use Indian Burqas, and much more. Pv plz post

Aditi is beautiful and does well (and she's unfortunately stereotyped) in the helpless, damsel in distress roles.

she actually looked prettier than Deepika in the movie... makes one wonder why Khilji would ever want Padmavati at all in the first place having such a beautiful wife

My parents saw the movie yesterday. I haven't yet. I asked my mom who she liked the most and she said,"the actress who played Khilji's wife in the movie". That wasn't the answer I was expecting. Looks like she really did a great job.

She looks so beautiful!!! Now I am watching this movie.

Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmrendraaaaaa bhahubaaaaaaali.....

Bahubali costumes n actors was way good looking n talented than this copied bahubali cast...which is padmavaat

Flop movie...they trying to copy bahubali

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