Penelop Disick wore a pair of super expensive shoes to school and proved that she's a true Kardashian

It seems like the Kardashian’s approach to dressing their children also comes with a hefty bottom line, as Kourtney Kardashian spiced up her six-year-old daughter’s uniform with a pair of exuberantly priced footwear from Gucci.
Celebrity Style,fashion,gucci,Kourtney Kardashian,penelope disick,loafersPenelop Disick wore a pair of super expensive shoes to school and proved that she's a true Kardashian
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The Kardashians take up every single opportunity to prove that they are SUPER serious about fashion, and that extends to the second generation of the family. Quite recently Kim Kardashian shared a photo of herself, Kourtney, Penelope, and North West posing for a back-to-school photo following spring break. While the cousins look adorable in matching uniforms, the internet could only talk about their footwear.




While North paired her polo shirt, plaid skirt and white knitted tights with Converse sneakers, Penelope rounded up her look with bare legs and a pair of sleek Gucci loafers that cost a whopping $400 USD! Yes, you read that right. The 6-year old who is the inspiration behind Kardashian's new lifestyle website pulled off the luxury footwear quite well!






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The Gucci Princetown leather slingback loafers and are made in Italy and looks just like the grown-up versions. On finding out the worth of the loafers Penelope sported, Instagram fans had a number of opinions to share. While some were shocked at the price tag, other followers loved the style. "Kourtney put Gucci loafers on Penelope for school. If this is not me as a mother then IDK,” one comment read, declaring Penelope’s fashion goals for wearing expensive footwear to school. "Penelope on the right has better fashion as a toddler then I do at 24,” another remarked.




Some others felt that Penelope's shoes were too expensive to wear at the tender age of 6, and went about voicing their opinions in the comments, "$400 Gucci loafers for the little girl, hell why not when you get money for nothing,” a comment read.



The Kardashians are known for spending lavishly on their children. True wears Gucci logo t-shirts in her downtime, Stormi has her own personal mini hot-pink Birkin, North has a wardrobe full of designer clothes from Alexander Wang to Balenciaga, and of course, all the West siblings have their pick of Yeezy sneakers to choose from, courtesy of their designer father Kanye West. And this one comment summed up the whole situation pretty well and it read, "So what! They have the money, let them spend it however they want."




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