Pinkvilla Fashion Awards 2020: These winners had the BEST quarantine style & no they didn’t just wear pajamas

While the past few months have been all about that 'pajama life,' there were some celebrities who did take an effort to play dress-up every now and then!
Pinkvilla Fashion Awards 2020: These winners had the BEST quarantine style & no they didn’t wear just pajamas
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One of our biggest guilty pleasures is to wait for a red carpet event just to see who’s wearing what. I mean, aren’t all fashion enthusiasts like that? Be it international events like the MET Gala or the Cannes Film Festival or anything close to home - like the award shows and parties, we know we are in it for the fashionable treats! While sometimes disappointment strikes when celebs step out looking like they ‘can do better,’ mostly we’re impressed at what new they bring to the table. 

However, we know the kind of influence the Bollywood has on the country. Anything that celebrities do have an impact on the audience which is why they are the most responsible when it comes to making a trend popular. From outfits to accessories and everything else in between, you know you can count on the celebrities to bring something new to the table. This past year has been more of a rollercoaster than anything else but it was celeb Instagram profiles that gave us an insight into what was going on in their lives and thus, making the way for fun trends. 

While we know this list should contain airport looks and red carpet fashion, this year is a little different! Today, we’re here with the top 6 celebrities with the best quarantine style and no they aren’t just pajamas! 

We’ll start our quarantine best-dressed list with Ananya Panday who had the most relatable style. The actress was often seen hanging around with her dogs in oversized hoodies, sweatshirts and tank tops so then why did she make the list? Well, to be honest, she often kept the fashion spirits high with her casual dresses and subtle makeup skills. ‘All dressed up to go out and sit in my living room’ was her idea of fun on a Friday night and to be honest, that’s the most amount of enthusiasm we needed during this year! 

According to us, Katrina Kaif was one of the few celebrities who took the most amount of effort to at least get our of her pyjamas and look presentable. While dishwashing and mopping sessions were a part of her everyday routine, she did manage to make herself comfortable in a trendy dress every now and then. Even if it just meant getting dressed for a game night at home! 

Quarantine was definitely a turning point for most of us but when it comes to Anushka Sharma, it proved to be life-changing for her! The actress who’s about to turn into a new mommy showed us glimpses of her effortless style and boy are we impressed! 

These past few months if there has been that one celebrity who made us fall in love with a garment, it’s Kareena Kapoor Khan. Her love for kaftans saw no bounds and she made it pretty evident! 

If there’s someone who has surprised us with her quarantine style, it’s Athiya Shetty. Her effortless take on baggy jeans, hoodies, co-rd sets and everything else in between has been a game-changer! (even though if it just meant lounging around in the backyard!)

Last but not the least, we have Kiara Advani who took her quarantine in the mountains way too seriously and dressed up right for a picnic out in the Sun. We do envy how she could step out after the restrictions held back and we’re a fan of her easy yet gorgeous choice of ensemble! 

Who do you think had the best quarantine style? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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