Post launching the Sabyasachi x H&M Collection & facing backlash, Sabyasachi releases a statement

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Post launching the Sabyasachi x H&M Collection & facing backlash, Sabyasachi releases a statement
Post launching the Sabyasachi x H&M Collection & facing backlash, Sabyasachi releases a statement

The release of H&M X Sabyasachi’s latest collaboration garnered a massive chunk of trolls that were targeted at the Designer for the price tags ‘Wanderlust’ collection brought with it. From being compared to grandmother’s saree that cost way less to the uniform of the Indian bus drivers, his designs faced bitterness on a social media platform. 

Sabyasachi Mukherjee took to Instagram yesterday to release his statement after having witnessed what he aptly called, “disappointment”. He also spoke about an incident where back in the day as a fashion student and a fan who adored Madonna couldn’t get even a single piece of the H&M X Madonna merchandise. He further added that he was elated to see H&M present the idea of collaboration with him. This would reach a larger set of the audience even if it was a one-time move and he believed that H&M holds the drive that can distribute it well. 


For the ace Indian designer, it’s a matter of wish fulfillment as he claimed. So that every person can get something and most importantly, Bengal Tiger’s logo through products which he termed as “almost sacred”. He also stated that “A lot of marketing folks would consider this strategy as a harakiri for a luxury brand, but I believe that sustainable success never comes from the mind, always from the heart.”

He also wanted to ensure that every product will be made available to all in an unbiased manner and there’s nothing like an online platform that makes the cut. He also mentioned how the response rate of the purchases made couldn’t be fathomed by anyone involved in the business because it became a hit in the global market as well. People snagged it swiftly where the designer himself couldn’t get denim of his size. Sabyasachi also apologised to the public for having been disappointed and he’s certain that he will “create a future business model that will address this need.”


The two-page statement ended with a message to India’s young fashion community. He spoke about how his pet peeve for a long time now was that globally we were seen as a manufacturing country for which he always wanted to break that title but by following his terms and way. “Where Designed in India, would stand strong, alongside, Made in India,” he wrote. He also spilled a secret to unlock the market that is ready out there for each one of us, “Just be yourself. Whoever you are. Shamelessly.”



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