Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Lady Gaga: MET Gala 2019 gave us these breakthrough beauty trends

MET Gala 2019 took place in New York on May 6th
Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Lady Gaga: MET Gala 2019 gave us these breakthrough beauty trends
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It is safe to say that this year’s MET Gala took the internet and everyone by storm. While many thought that the celebrities went all out with their creativity and served us avant-garde drama, there were many who thought that it was a little too much. Well, to all the haters and “self-confessed fashion critics”, Camp is all about going the extra mile and elevating theatrical spectacle.


The prestigious ball saw the big wheels stepping up their style game and boy, there were some real clear winners. Along with some major fashion wins, the world was introduced to some breakthrough beauty trends which we believe is going to be massive in the coming season. Yes, the gala saw our favourite celebrities experiment and go all out, giving us some key breakthrough beauty trends. Let’s check them out.


Exaggerated long lashes

If there is one way how you can show drama in its full form then it is through one’s eyes. It’s the age of the lashes and our stars are not taking this lightly. Going that extra mile, exaggerated long lashes are soon going to be a dream. Certainly, lashes are the new brows. Clumpy, cloggy, super long and voluminous lashes will soon be conquering the World. The whole trend kick-started on the runway this year. Dior in specific was at the frontier of it all. Valentino too gave us an over-the-top false lashes trend.


This year’s MET was no different. From metallic hues, to feathers, to sparkles to hot pink colours, dramatic false lashes are going to be the thing.


Lady Gaga



Priyanka Chopra



Lily Collins



Gigi Hadid



Sara Sampaio



Voluminous skyfall hair

All our inspirations fall back from the past, clearly. The 60s trademark hairstyle of the skyfall hair is here and it definitely has a lot of takers. Given how extra MET is, we think that it was the perfect place to go all out and mad. Needless to say the hairstyle brings out oomph, seductivity and a lot of sass.


Hailey Bieber



Deepika Padukone



Dua Lipa



Elle Fanning



Lily Collins



Another fashion trend which will be massive in the upcoming season will be sporting self portrait outfits. Sure, Kim was way ahead of her time when she was seen sporting these but now is a time when it’ll go all out.


Which beauty trend is your favourite? Comment below and let us know.


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Ewww what disaster! Even Isha Ambani was more graceful than these two

Both of them were failures this year at METGala!

These women are not even fit to represent India on the international stage, what a disgrace!

Chill Priyanka and enjoy your drinks!

Damn! What a shame for India

deepikaa looked ugly and fake

Deepika was trying to be Ash! Ash chose Cinderella, so she chose Barbie doll! But sadly, deepika can never match Ash or her beauty!

Deepu what the hell was she thinking???? Barbieee??? Really???

just shut up

PeeCee what the hell was she thinking???? SCARECROW??? Really???

Ha! Who cares? I dislike both of them!

At least Priyanka was gutsy enough to try something new, but Deepika just played safe! She didn’t even resemble any barber! Her hairstyle was so over-the-top, make up was hideous and so was the gown. Full points to P.C.

PeeCee and DeePee both looked ugly! Ugly dresses ugly makeup, disasters!

You really think that you look better then deepika then go ahad

Yeah I do! And this site is not your dads property either!

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