Priyanka Chopra to Kim Kardashian: THIS ‘90s hair trend is making a comeback & you need to try it asap

THIS ‘90s hair trend is making a comeback and it is about time that you try it out. Find more
Priyanka Chopra to Kim Kardashian: THIS ‘90s hair trend is making a comeback & you need to try it asapPriyanka Chopra to Kim Kardashian: THIS ‘90s hair trend is making a comeback & you need to try it asap
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Most trends of 2019 look familiar and it is probably because we’ve seen them before. Plenty of trends of the ‘80s and ‘90s are coming back. From fanny packs to checkered skirt suits, a lot of people are successfully rocking the old trends in this age. While clothing of the ‘90s has made quite an influence on today’s fashion scenario, the beauty industry has not been left behind. Bright coloured eyeshadows and dark lips are already having its moment in 2019. Now that we’ve seen clothing and makeup trends already making a comeback, celebrities from across the world are also loving ‘90s inspired hairstyles. 

Every couple of years we see a retro hairstyle coming back and bringing us the old Hollywood charm. This time around it is the ‘90s flip out hair trend which was an absolute favourite back in the ‘60s. The flip was so iconic that almost everyone went to the salon to get one during the ‘90s. This time it is no different as celebrities from all over the world are rocking the trend. 


First up we have Priyanka Chopra who made quite a bang with the old ‘90s flip out as she paired it up with a monotone teal outfit. With her pooch in her hand, it literally looked like she walked right out of the ‘90s.


We all know that Kim has quite a reputation when it comes down to trends. She has always managed to stay ahead of the fashion curve and trends from the ‘90s have clearly been her favourite. The mother of four has rocked the old Hollywood flip out with an equally famous ‘90 trend - the half ponytail!


Following her big sister’s footsteps, Kylie also made a glamorous statement in the half ponytail and flip out. The hot mamma loves the look so much that she also wore the same for the launch of her birthday collection. 


Cardi gave a schoolgirl twist to the trend and opted for two ponytails instead of one. She then flipped out the ends giving it a ‘90s touch.


Sophie made the ‘90s flip glamourous with the right amount of jewellery and glittery makeup.


Now, what better way to wear a trend than debut it on the biggest fashion events of the year? Hailey wore the outward flipped ponytail at the MET Gala this year and paired it up with a vintage velvet bow making it a perfect way to rock the ‘90s trend. 

Who rocked the flipped hair trend better? Let us know in the comments section below.

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