Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Wedding: PeeCee’s wedding gown train reminds us of Princess Diana

Priyanka Chopra’s 75 foot long tulle veil stole the show
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The international wedding affair of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas was anticipated by their fans globally. ‘The East met West’ in a grand 5 day wedding festivities at the Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur. Hosting an epic wedding weekend for 225 guests, the couple tied the knot in two traditional wedding ceremonies.

For the Christian wedding, Chopra chose a custom made Ralph Lauren gown. The actress added that Lauren was his immediate choice once he approached the couple to design it. The 36 year old actress added, “For the Western wedding, we had been talking to a bunch of incredible designers, but ultimately when Ralph Lauren approached us, I learned that Ralph has only designed three wedding dresses in 50 years — one for his daughter, his daughter in law, and his niece, I was blown away.”

Underneath the long-sleeve gown was a strapless column dress made of 2,380,000 mother of pearl sequins. The wedding sure seemed out of a fairyfail where Priyanka’s mother - Madhu Chopra walked her down the aisle.

Her princess moment was complete with a 75 foot long tulle veil spread across the lavish stairs of Umaid Bhavan Palace.  We just could not take our eyes off her gorgeous glow through her veil. With 5 people carrying her veil down the aisle it definitely stole the show.

Her veil reminded us of Princess Diana’s wedding dress which had a similar long trail. The princess’s trail was 25 foot long whereas Chopra’s custom made Ralph Lauren gown had a whooping 75 foot long tulle trail. Diana’s trail was so long that it couldn’t fit into her carriage. While her dress was puffy Diana had to be sewn into to dress.


While Princess Diana’s wedding dress is considered iconic, Priyanka Chopra’s tulle veil stole the show. We just cannot get over her gorgeous custom made gown with that breathtaking trail. What do you think about her bridal look?


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Lovely dress BUT it has nothing that even remotely resembles what Diana wore NOTHING.

Lovely dress BUT it has nothing that even remotely resembles what Diana wore NOTHING.

That veil was over-the-top. Totally unnecessary - all just for show. The whole wedding just looked like she wanted to show off to the world. It looked like a staged production rather than a heartfelt, real wedding.

The trail and the way it is managed took my heart away...stunning!!!

hey!!! do not dare to compare this fake,opertunist women with price diana!!!! shame on you!!! prick pr is so nasty!!!! p.v post it!! stop being peec paid site!!!

No one's talking about comparing Diana's beauty with PC's. The article is about the long train and the wedding gown. Don't make it a debate on who was more beautiful Diana's gown was a sensation during that time period . Ralph Lauren's is in every bit sensational and fits this time period. I see that many don't like PC by the number of dislikes in every comment. Please then refrain from reading about her or even looking at her gorgeous wedding photos. Her wedding was definitely a fairy tale one. All the best wishes to the lovely decent couple.

Now she is compared to Royal family. Give us break PV. Enough is enough. PV POST.

Priyanka and Nick look amazing

Princess Diana is a timeless beauty and pls no one could ever be compared to her!

nice dress better than meghan markles..the tiara is missing though

Ralph and Lauren is my favourite designer!

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