Priyanka Chopra rocks a tan outfit to catch a flight, teaching us how to do airport fashion right

Priyanka Chopra was in the country recently to celebrate the wrap of her upcoming Bollywood film – The Sky Is Pink. She was spotted leaving the bay in style last night! Check out the details below.
Celebrity Style,Priyanka Chopra,Priyanka Chopra style,airport lookPriyanka Chopra rocks a tan outfit to catch a flight, teaching us how to do airport fashion right
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Priyanka Chopra has been creating waves recently not just with her films but her impeccable style as well. The actress came to Mumbai recently to wrap up her film The Sky Is Pink. Chopra donned multiple casual yet cool outfits while she was in Mumbai and raised the temperatures higher than ever!

Once her trip was over, she made her way to the airport and held on to her streak of looking like a fashionista while at it. She picked out a tan coloured ribbed casual tee with collars and wore it over a white and tan pleated knee-length skirt. Keeping up with the muted hues, she sported tan heels and a metallic gold watch to go with her look. Since she was in the country, she went all out by showing off her diamond mangalsutra. Her textured tresses were parted in the centre and her face still had a ton of makeup, post the event she attended.

Loads of foundation and concealer beneath rosy pink cheeks, deep red lips, well-defined eyes with mascara lashes and filled in brows made her look super pretty!

We are loving her cool and casual vibe and her outfit which is perfect for monsoon (sans the heels of course). It comes as no surprise that Chopra opted for a monochrome look since it is one of her favourite styles as she is often seen wearing the same shade from head-to-toe.

Nonetheless, what are your thoughts on this look? Love it or hate it? Comment below and let us know.

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she doesnt know how to dress. lmao at what she is wearing. rofl. also who wear those kind of aunty shoes with skirts and what is with that color neck tshirt. she has no sense of fashion, her PR keeps pushing down her badly styled pictures down our throats. my eyes hurt everytime i see her. I feel sorry for Nick. He is so good looking and all his ex's have been stunning, what did he see in her. Aasman se girey khajur pe atke. Poor him. I hope he can get rid of her soon unless she gets herself pregnant and then he will be stuck till he cant take it no more. She is so fucking fake. Now even americans have seen her personality and find her cringeworthy. Earlier she was talking less and showing up less so her true self was hidden from them as she was only appearing to recite well written speeches. Quantico's look hid her fashion disaster self all those years but now her offscreen life is on display & clearly her hungry & disastrous fashion sense is on full display. Deepika, Katrina, Sonam & anushka all dress better than her. I'm not even talking about the younger lot.

" teaching us"? She has no class or taste, a Gigi Bella Hadid wannabe lol try to get same stylist but look so dumpy

Yuck Priyanka Chopra ma'am looks so disgusting she has no fashion idea she is must be thrown out from Hollywood industry as soon as possible

honestly, I'm glad to see her NOT showing her midriff for a change. Uffff


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