Rachel Green, Monica Geller & Phoebe Buffay's ICONIC Friends outfits are relevant even today and we have proof

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Rachel Green, Monica Geller & Phoebe Buffay's ICONIC Friends outfits are relevant even today and we have proof
Rachel Green, Monica Geller & Phoebe Buffay's ICONIC Friends outfits are relevant even today and we have proof

When we recall the late '90s era, it is almost impossible that Friends doesn't come to mind. The sitcom had a huge influence on television, humour and of course fashion and hairstyles with the leading cast sporting some of the biggest trends that are relevant even today!  From fun prints to classy a-line silhouettes, mismatched clothing and loads of denim, the television show's fashion and style has had a huge impact on generations to come. We take a look at the most fashion moments from the sitcom. 



Denim dungarees are not the easiest to pull off but Rachel made a strong case for the outfit that she paired with a chic blazer and simple white sneakers making for the ultimate "dressing down" look. 

Slip dress


The slip dress has made numerous stylish appearance on the sitcom but this version sported by Phoebe has to be the strongest! Teamed up with a simple sweater and a pair of lace-up biker boots, she gave the simple slip dress the ultimate grunge feel with her outfit. 



The iconic checks which make for the perfect picnic outfit were seen on Rachel back in Season 2 of the show! A simple dress, messy hair and sneakers are big in fashion even today with high end designers showcasing the same print in different patterns at the biggest fashion events. 



Monica's style was more subtle and neutral but she did have her moments. Case in point, this blue leopard tunic that matched with her light blue eyeshadow and beaded slinky neckpiece which are all having a moment in fashion right now. 

Skirt Suit


We could go on for hours about Rachel's office wear especially her array of blazers and power suits. This coordinated outfit in particular, is right on trend, giving the classic pantsuit a new and much-needed twist. 

Oversized knits


The queen of comfortable clothing, Phoebe's knitwear truly stole hearts especially when she donned those oversized outfits that can now be seen on models like Hailey Bieber and more!

Checked shirts, Thigh-high boots


One of Monica's go-to looks was the checkered shirt. She expertly teamed this up with basic denims and simple sneakers making for the perfect off-duty look. 
Rachel's thigh-high boots on the other hand, spells classic like nothing else!

Cool co-ords


Think cigarette pants are a new fad? Think again! Monica teller sported them before they were all the rage. Pick a pleated number like she did and rock the look  for a brunch or a night out with friends. 

The plaid miniskirt 


Rachel's "schoolgirl style" with her thigh-high socks, white sneakers and plaid skirts is still an iconic look every fashion blogger on the block tries to recreate, proving that it is indeed still relevant and in style. 

Neutral coloured everything 


Monica was a fan of the subtle shade card and proved it with her outfits. A floral slip dress over a white tee and a beige jumper tied at her waist screamed '90s fashion but also a look that will remain eternal. 

Which of the cast member's fashion do you resonate the most with - Rachel, Monica or Pheobe? Comment below and let us know!

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Anonymous : Thighs are *above* the knees. Rachel is wearing KNEE high boots, Rachel is wearing KNEE high socks.
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