Ranveer Singh sports an outfit that was 'pre approved' by the fashion icon of India, and it's not Sonam Kapoor

The outfit that Ranveer Singh wore for the premiere of Gully Boy in Berlin, was already pre-approved by none other than Karan Johar!
Celebrity Style,sonam kapoor,Ranveer Singh,karan johar,gully boyRanveer Singh in a Tom Ford outfit
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Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt are currently busy with the screening and promotions of their latest film Gully Boy, in Berlin. For the event, the duo were dressed to the nines and experimented with different designers and outfit styles for the occasion. Ranveer Singh who is known for his quirky and out of the of style, sported a range of outfits that had animal prints and were even made from faux fur. 

One such outfit that he wore for the screening of the film, was an outfit designed by luxury fashion designer Tom Ford. In an interview with BBC, Singh mentioned that the outfit was "approved by the fashion icon of India,". One would think that he is talking about Sonam Kapoor since she is considered the icon due to her abundance of knowledge in the field, and she is related to Singh. But Singh wasn't talking about Kapoor. Instead, he meant Karan Johar! Ranveer said that Karan "was very excited to know what I was going to wear in Berlin, so I had this pre-approved by Karan," he said to the channel. 

It was also brought to the notice of the public earlier that the director is actually behind a lot of Singh's looks. On an episode of Koffee with Karan, the duo revealed that Karan JOhar buys certain outfits because he likes them but doesn't think he will be able to pull them off, hence gifts them to Singh. Karan has gifted Ranveer a Versace ensemble and a tracksuit worth Rs. 3.5 lakh! 

What do you think of Ranveer and Karan's fashion choices? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Uhhh since when was Sonam Kapoor the fashion icon of India?? For copying looks done by Hollywood stars first?

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