THIS is the reason you will see Meghan Markle sport red lipstick but not Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle’s recent look sporting a berry red lip has left us in an audible gasp! We cannot get enough of the Duchess’ surprising and experimental beauty trends. But that leaves us to wonder why Kate Middleton always takes a seat back while sporting such daring looks. Well, here's the reason why.
THIS is the reason you will see Meghan Markle sport red lipstick but not Kate Middleton
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The Duchess of Sussex recently stepped out sporting a red lip and we were taken by total surprise! Meghan is always making headlines not just with her royal duties but with her fashion and beauty style. For most of us fashion enthusiasts out there, one of the things we most love about the Duchess of Sussex is that she's become a royal beauty "rule breaker!”

Although Meghan and Kate Middleton carry out essentially the same job, they have very different roles to play. If Prince William takes to the throne, and Kate is given the title of queen, she has big shoes to fill, which inevitably comes with beauty rules. While it is highly unlikely for Prince Harry becoming the king as the line for the throne before him is pretty long, so Markle will never have that same responsibility. Which is why Markle doesn't have to adhere to such strict rules, including beauty ones.

After joining the royal family, Meghan has already made heads turn with her go-to hairstyles like the loose waves and buns as well as her signature makeup look of glowing skin, flushed cheeks and freckles. However, the Duchess of Sussex is seen breaking out of her typical look on special occasions to try something a little more daring. Like when she sported a bold berry lip for her evening out with Prince Harry to Cirque du Soleil, stating that a Duchess can look both royally polished yet super trendy.

Aside from adhering to the royal guidelines, Middleton often amps things up little with emphasis to her eye makeup. A smoky eye and a bouncy blowout, or an updo work well for the Duchess of Cambridge for royal engagements. Both the royal ladies, have their own signature looks and slay it each time while making public appearances, while still adhering to the “royal protocol”.



I prefer Kate and her style. It is natural--not Hollywoody.

Utter nonsense. Princess Di was to be the future queen of England and she frequently wore red lipstick. Kate is just boring and takes herself too seriously

I don’t understand.. Queen herself wears bright red lipstick colors. Why can’t a future queen then?

Meghan and her rule breaking with lipstick colour. World doesn’t change because she changed lipstick.

I believe that Harry and Megan will wind up socialites like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, while William and Kate will shoulder the responsibilities of their future positions.

Megan was an actress. She’s going to be more glamorous.

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