Sara Ali Khan v/s Janhvi Kapoor: Who will be the future of fashion in Bollywood?

Updated on Dec 02, 2018 09:19 AM IST  |  4.3M

The princess of the very well-known Pataudi family has now entered Bollywood. With both her parents, Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan, being the ace actors that they are, it was not a secret that Sara would turn up in Bollywood with a bang! Not just acting, the well-groomed debutante is also fortunate enough to get her style tips and tricks from the begum of Bollywood herself - Kareena Kapoor Khan.

On the other hand, Janhvi Kapoor, the daughter of iconic actress Sridevi, has also showed immense talent in her debut film Dhadak. With a rocky start in the industry, Janhvi has shown tremendous confidence on the red carpet events and press conferences.

Both of these new age divas have stolen our attention when it comes to style. Similarities in their style have been seen as they step out in the city. But do we have a winner? Let us find out.

With their well-groomed ‘Indian’ mothers, it has become evident that both love their casual ethnic attires. These budding stars have been spotted multiple times in their favourite kurtas and jootis. I mean who doesn’t love a cotton kurta in the Mumbai heat?


Sara and Janhvi clearly love fitness and have made it evident by wearing their gym attires. From yoga pants to sweat shorts, the debutantes have taken their workout wear to a next level.


Let us take a moment and appreciate these hotties in their ‘the road is my runway’ avatar.

Indian couture is a regularity when it comes to attending events. These divas sure love their designer lehengas.


Janhvi has also slayed the red carpet multiple times in the past few months. Since Sara is relatively new to the industry, we are waiting to see her debut on the red carpet. But we have got stills of Janhvi’s princess moments on the carpet for you.

It’s definitely a tough choice for us to choose between the two. With both of them having similar styles, it has become difficult for us to pink a winner.


According to you, who has a better sense of style - Sara or Janhvi?


Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Anonymous : Sara Ali Khan the most beautiful gorgeous talented n fashionista n superstar
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : Janhvi kapoor any day. She has shown immense sensibility and maturity for her age throughout all of her interviews and promotions. And she has an amazing fashion sense. Proved herself over and over in every red carpet or casual outing. Love her.
REPLY 6 2 years ago
Anonymous : janhvi's got better style
REPLY 6 2 years ago
Anonymous : they look like twins to begin with...both look good in their own ways. all men and women are beautiful and creation of stop comparing. PV pls post
REPLY 6 2 years ago
Anonymous : Sara looks so HOT in those boots, sexy walk
REPLY 13 2 years ago
Anonymous : Sara Sara Sara For me janvi is just Shridevi's daughter whom as a audience i'll give chance.But incase of Sara, she makes me forget her nepo kid status,For me she's a beautiful,intelligent nd charming younglady with strong persona in whom Isee the next bollywood queen.
REPLY 31 2 years ago
Anonymous : love Sridevi ji but I have to admit Janhvi has got a long way to go, a lot of learning to do, on the other hand Sara is mature & has done her learning and then stepped in. I feel Sara is effortless and a natural! :)
REPLY 30 2 years ago
Anonymous : They wear whichever designer sends them free clothes. It's all their stylists decisions. None of these Bollywood stars dress themselves.
REPLY 22 2 years ago
Anonymous : stop comparing
REPLY 14 2 years ago
REPLY 19 2 years ago
Anonymous : Janhavi Kapoor undoubtedly
REPLY 11 2 years ago
Anonymous : Sara style is effortless, she looks in everything without trying hard
REPLY 24 2 years ago
Anonymous : Sara Ali Khan
REPLY 20 2 years ago
Anonymous : make it short...Sara Ali Khan
REPLY 16 2 years ago
Anonymous : janhvi. but thats like asking between sonam and deepika, who will be the fashion queen? coz it would be sonam. but does that mean shes got a great career or that she's actually good at doing what she meant to be doing ie, acting? nope.
REPLY 4 2 years ago
Anonymous : sonam and deepika both had a bad style between janhvi and sara? sara
REPLY 22 2 years ago
Anonymous : Depends on who gets the best offers and is ready to take risk and work hard for roles. For now Sara’s acting looks mature but can never say. Alia was bad in SOTY but she has come a long way so you never know. Can be either of them.
REPLY 18 2 years ago
Anonymous : you mean Alia, the same Alia who all of her movies is produce or co produced by Karan
REPLY 12 2 years ago
REPLY 16 2 years ago
Anonymous : sara ali khan
REPLY 16 2 years ago
REPLY 19 2 years ago
Anonymous : Sara is gorgeous! Janvi is typical nepo kid
REPLY 26 2 years ago