Sex And The City, Gossip Girl to Friends: ICONIC TV shows that gave every '90s & early '00s kids fashion goals

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Sex And The City, Gossip Girl to Friends: ICONIC TV shows that gave every '90s & early '00s kids fashion goals

Back in the day before OTT platforms were big, it was television shows that set trends when it came to fashion while keeping us entertained at the same time. The outfits of characters made quite an impact and had fans of the show and the characters going ga-ga over the looks. 
From Sex and the City to Friends and then Gossip Girl, they set the stage for fashion today, with outfits styled in ways that we still follow and try to imitate. From legendary hair and makeup to simple and sophisticated girl-next-door looks, these shows had it all! 

Sex and the City 
Every cast member brought her own style to the table in this show. Charlotte's lunch looks to Miranda's powerful lawyer looks and Samantha catering to the showoffs to Carrie's obsession with always wearing the perfect shoes, every character's outfit made the show as legendary as it is today!

This goes without saying that all the ladies in this show had an impeccable style that resonated with almost every girl out there. From Rache's chic, hairstyle and fashion looks to Monica's easy and comfortable looks to Phoebe's boho looks, this show had it all!

Gossip Girl
Coming to the early 2000s, Gossip Girl was one show that gave an insight into Private school culture in New York. While Blair never had a bad hair day and always looked classy, Serena's style was more experimental and easy-going, much like their characters. With Chuck and Nate also always looking dapper, this show also set the bar high for men's fashion. 

Pretty Little Liars
Yet another high school drama that girls couldn't get enough of, also showed us how to dress based on our moods. Aria's love for all things gothic with her skull print outfits and dark leggings was a stark contrast to Hanna's colourful, sunny outfits that always mirrored her happy nature. Spencer was seldom seen in something not formal, even in high school and Emily's love for comfortable dressing in the form of simple tees and jeans won hearts. 

The Vampire Diaries 
Who thought a vampire show would give fashion inspiration, right? But Elena's girl-next-door look in simple jeans and dark coloured blouses, Caroline's high-school cheerleader look and Bonnie's boho look were all that girls tried to achieve once this show aired. Not to forget, after this show, accessories like rings and simple necklaces became all the rage. Those who watched the show know why!

Mad Men
Considered as one of the best shows during the golden age of television, the fashion in this show is timeless. From Rachel's bold colours making for stylish looks, Helen's modern mom look, Betty's looks that were always flawless and on point and Joan's tight dresses in bold colours, made women want to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with their looks. The men too were always well dressed in formal suits looking handsome as ever. 

With an in-depth peek into how people from the Beverly Hills area dress, Naomi's wardrobe was almost every girl's dream! Once Adrianna became a sensation, her style too evolved from simple to ultra-glam to fit the part. Silver's wardrobe was all about easy-going and fuss-free looks that would be perfect for a day of shopping or just a chill-out session with our gal-pals!

Which show and character's wardrobe was your favourite? Comment below and let us know.