Small choices to make to be a part of the sustainable fashion movement

Slow fashion is the buzzword as the world moves towards a sustainable lifestyle and have a zero-waste strategy. While we can’t expect you to completely change the way you’ve been shopping and dressing, but here are a few steps that could help the environment in the long run.

After years and years of bad rep, the fashion industry has slowly moved towards the positive. From size-inclusive models walking for the biggest shows to a more diverse colour palette being seen in campaigns and photoshoots limiting photoshop - the new era in fashion looks promising. With all of these positive moves, we are also looking at designers promoting sustainability, following a zero-waste strategy and celebrities repeating outfits to support the movement. 


All of this is about celebrities and the bigwigs in the fashion space, but what about us? The common-folk or aam-janta, with budget restrictions. How do we keep up with trends and also join in on the movement? Fast fashion is accessible, fashionable and affordable - how can you compete with that?

Too many questions with a few simple solutions. The idea of joining the sustainability movement is not to change your entire wardrobe or refurbish it but to find intelligent ways to slowly over-time follow a low-waste, sustainable and ethical fashion lifestyle. It’s time to go back to treating fashion and clothing as a thing of value rather than something that you could discard at the end of the season. Here are a few SIMPLE steps you can take right now.

Step 1: Declutter!

While retail therapy seems like the only thing that could make working SO hard worth it, because of the easy accessibility of cheaper (but on-trend) clothing, we end up getting a lot of things we don’t need. So while you are at home right now and have a few extra hours when you are not working, take this time to actually look at your wardrobe. Donate the things you have worn a lot or won’t wear anymore. Got a few different sizes, ask your friends if they want some of those pieces. Finally, you will have space for more things and a wardrobe that will never make you feel like you have nothing to wear.

Step 2: Exchange

Speaking of asking your friends if they want something, the best way to change up your look is to exchange some things with your friends who wear similar sizes. This way you wouldn’t just be getting new outfits to wear, you would also end up experimenting with styles and colours without a long term commitment. This works for accessories as well, especially bags and jewellery!

Step 3: Change the way you shop

Find out what the ethical and ego friendly brands around you are, do some research about their processes and what makes them ethical. You have the time, read some more. Once you know about ethical brands and materials try to shop differently. While we understand some pieces are a pretty penny, you also need to know that the wearability of slow fashion pieces are much more than the ones you buy now. Also, every time you shop, ask yourself how many times you’d be able to wear a particular outfit before you have to get rid of it. Anything in double digits and you can absolutely add to cart. 


Step 4: Rent, DON'T buy

Okay, not your entire wardrobe, but rent out occasion wear and stuff you’re only going to wear once. There are websites and stores aplenty that let your rent out occasion wear and accessories. Bestie’s wedding? Look your best in a fraction of a price. 


Step 5: Embrace vintage wear 

Speaking of occasion wear, embrace your mom’s wardrobe when a time like this comes. Recycle or upcycle her old sarees or wear them as they are. This doesn’t just ensure you follow a sustainable lifestyle this also makes you stand out in a crowd. Don’t shy away from buying pre-loved or thrift items. Platforms selling these items are on the rise, and for the right reasons. 

Take these steps gradually and you won’t even recognise the fast-fashion lifestyle you had going on before this.

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