Sonakshi Sinha owns a plethora of shoes & THESE are the 5 footwear you need to steal from the star

Sonakshi Sinha has been managing to find all the best footwear that we all definitely need to steal from her footwear rack.
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Who doesn’t like a few good footwear? We, women, love shoes and shoe shopping. A lot of dream of having a huge dreamy wardrobe full of all different kinds of footwear. Shoe shopping can take our stress away. Nothing makes us feel better than having a number of different footwear that has people swooning. Sonakshi Sinha may or may not be in the news for her style and her fashion but we just can’t ignore her footwear. We don’t know about her looks but her footwear is very noticeable and it sure is making statements. We’ve noticed that Sonakshi Sinha has a great taste in footwear and she’s winning our heart with lovely heels and we’d love to take a dip into her wardrobe and steal some of her amazing shoes!

1. Clear Heels

We’ve seen Sonakshi sporting clear heels a number of times. They can be worn with anything and everything. We love how Sonakshi had made her fashion statement with clear heels. We definitely want to steal these transparent heels from our darling Sona.

2. Yellow Heels

These yellow heels are a big statement. They add a pop of color to your entire look. This pair of heels has us swooning and the way Sonakshi has paired them has won our hearts. This pair will be the perfect pop of color in your wardrobe.

3. Black Boots

This outfit was noticed by the Fashion Police and not appreciated much. We may not love the look that much but we can’t help but love those black boots. They can be very comfortable and easy to pair!

4. Kolhapuri Chappals

We all need that one pair of Kolhapuri chappals. We know Sonakshi has a great taste in footwear but the Kolhapuri was a surprise. We love this pair and it would be perfect for all your desi wears.

5. Black Heels

This beautiful pointy and strappy heels just look so perfect on Sonakshi’s feet and they put her outfit together. It just holds everything in place perfectly. These are probably the perfect black heels we all have been looking for.

6. Silver Ankle Straps

These metallic silver strappy heels are a great choice. It’s essential to have a pair of silver heels and Sonakshi has found the perfect pair that we’d love to steal from her footwear wardrobe.

7. Black strappy flats

While we haven’t seen enough flats around these days Sonakshi paired hers perfectly with this boho skirt from Chola label. These strappy flats are the perfect footwear for your looks.

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