Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s fitness trainer REVEALS her fitness regime for Cannes 2019

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja will yet again be walking the red carpet at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival
Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s fitness trainer REVEALS her fitness regime for Cannes 2019Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s fitness trainer REVEALS her fitness regime for Cannes 2019
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Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is all set to take over the Cannes red carpet yet again. The fashionist who has always been on a roll serving us extremely delicious and stunning looks is gearing up for her appearance this year as well. Kapoor Ahuja, is known to be slay every look of hers to perfection. In a tete a tete with her nutritionist and pilates trainer, Radhika Karle, we got to know how Sonam is prepping up for her stint at Cannes.



We first asked Radhika what Sonam’s diet plan looked like and what is her fitness regime. She said, “Sonam is in India now and it's quite hot and humid here, the new plan is very light. Its a vegetarian plan with loads of fluids like water, coconut water and a concoction of a broken down protein - which is branched chain amino acid which she drinks while she's working out because we don't want to take any chances as far as her stomach is concerned for when she hits the red carpet at Cannes. We're doing a lot of home food as well - sabzi, dal and rice.

As far as her fitness regime is concerned, I train with her and we do two types of workouts - pilates (she has the equipment in her home gym) so we work out on a reformer, we work out on what's called a combo trailer and then we do some traditional mat Pilates as well. We usually do that in the mornings and then in the evenings she does weight training followed by some cardio. The cardio could be like an interval training of cardio where she walks for a min, then jobs.”



Karle also spilled the beans stating that Sonam is highly addicted to keto chocolates and the trainer has kept a strict tab on it. For everyone who is majorly into fitness, cheating on meals is a huge deal. When asked how often does she cheat and how does she compensate for the same the trainer has quite a pump up explanation. “I'm a firm believer of everything in moderation. I know Sonam now for almost 8 years so we've been training together for quite some time. The aim of the game is to let loose the reins for maybe one meal and then get back on track.” She further elaborated on her cheat meals. She said, “Her cheat meals way back in the day used to be things like French fries but she's moved away from that now and and a cheat meal for Sonam now would be something like Keto coffee or chocolate - so maybe a Keto Mocha Coffee which I really don't want her to be having.”



We surely are highly impressed with this beauty’s dedication towards staying fit. Are you excited for her red carpet appearance? Comment below and let us know.


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Very beutiful saree

Not her fan, but she looked gorgeous in this saree.

Don’t compare her acting and looks. She is very pretty and she is any ways better that that mad hatter and purple lipstick

No matter what she does shes still gonna look SHIT on the cannes redcarpet, asusual

No offense but Sonam has never looked like someone who gas a fitness regime

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