Sonam Kapoor wears Anamika Khanna who gets called out by Diet Sabya for PLAGIARISM

The popular Instagram page known for calling out designer's copied works outed the designer's creation that looks eerily similar to Anna Wintour's June 2018 Jordans creation.
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For the longest time, Sonam Kapoor has managed to avoid controversy. But what sparked it today was a post by popular Instagram page - Diet Sabya, which is known for calling out designers who plagiarise and blatantly copy creations by other designers. In their most recent post, the page posted a picture of Sonam sporting a pink Anamika Khanna lehenga that she wore for Isha Ambani's wedding. The head-to-toe pink outfit had "Everything is AK - ok" printed on it in a bold black font. Diet Sabya brought to notice that Khanna's creation is too close to the Concept Jordans Vogue magazine's Anna Wintour launched in June 2018 with AW-OK printed on it. Wintour's creation has an AWOK synonym on it which stands for Anna Wintour Okay. 

Sonam Kapoor has been considered the fashionista of Bollywood and is praised for her fashion choices. She stood up for herself and her dear friend, by commenting on the post and uploading her version of the story as well. "Dear Diet Sabya, this is a bit of a reach on your part. I'm a but (bit) disappointed. As a fan of your inspired page I hoped for better." She also took to her Instagram page to post her's and Khanna's versions of the outfit. She spoke about how Khanna was inspired by her sons go-to dialogue A-OK and how AK-OK became a go-to in her household. 



My dear friend had gone through a terrible illness in the last year. Her beautiful twin sons @viraj_khanna and @thevisheshkhanna banded together and surrounded her gave her comfort and inspiration. The common slang that is used amongst people is A-Ok in America. Viraj and Vishesh who just returned from America after four years in the prestigious university of Southern California, used the same term playfully with their mom when she was down, saying “mom everything is going to be AK-OK” dear Anamiks I’m so glad everything is eventually AK-OK im so so fortunate to be your muse and @rheakapoor and I get to collaborate with you. I hope I never take you for granted. Love you so much! I shed a tear when I wore this outfit because I know it was inspired by your boys and they gave you strength during your lowest. 

A post shared by SonamKAhuja (@sonamkapoor) on

Meanwhile, Sonam's sister Rhea Kapoor who styled Sonam's look, and sported an Anamika Khanna piece with the same caption as Sonam's, left a piece of her mind in the comment section while also defending Anamika Khanna. "Anamika is a private person who doesn't like being vulnerable in the public eye, for the record the first time she wore ak ok it was herself at a vogue event where she one designer of the year and went with her sons. I was there, and I speak from knowledge. There is also a post on her page explaining it. Before calling the most talented designer in our country, as a wannabe fashion journalist you should’ve checked. Her silhouettes are inspired by street culture and her boys from hip hop who are now helping her with the business. That’s where it came from. From her sons," she posted and tagged Diet Sabya. 

She continued her rant by speaking about how she worked with Khanna for 12 years and was suffering from an illness and had to be "cajoled back" to work. "She is a true original and a true artist, far from plagiarism. She lives in her own world in Calcutta but is astute and talented enough to pick up the pulse of what’s going on. Your post is truly irresponsible and heartbreaking. AWOK which isn’t hyphenated as ‘A-OK is, is inspired by virgil who in turn is inspired by Kim jones, raf simons and Prada. Trends and pop culture inform us all, but irresponsible name calling is shameful. And Anamika’s copy says ‘everything will be ak-ok’". Rhea added, openly speaking about her friend's struggles. 

After expressing everything the Kapoor sisters felt and calling the page a "wannabe fashion journalist", Sonam made a bold statement and unfollowed Diet Sabya. 

Do you think Anamika Khanna's creation is an original or a copy? Comment below and let us know!

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Diet Sabya surely got some great publicity with this! But frankly, it's quite different from plagiarism!

Mannn it’s soo clear that she has NOT copied !!!
there’s a major difference by the way she put it .
People wake up I know there lot of negativity around Sonam but she stood up after all the trolls

Dietsabya mentioned on their insta story that they have archived the post after talking to Khanna family. They also mentioned that they have not been influenced by any celebrities to pull it down.

it was blatant "inspiration" ...all they had to do was say it was inspired from Anna Wintour and thats it. Instead Sonam and Rhea continue to be arrogant and used a sad story (whether or not its true) to be defensive. now they've also forced diet sabya to take it down. man, the kapoor sisters are nauseating.

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