Spotted: 3 times Anushka Sharma made a pantsuit look good and left the world in awe

The queen of casual and understated usually plays it safe and by the rules, but there have been a few times when she really shattered the glass ceiling. Here are 3 of our favourite moments.
Spotted: 3 times Anushka Sharma made a pantsuit look good and left the world in awe
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Anushka Sharma’s fashion sensibilities can be called casual chic. She looks great off duty and she will mostly play by the rules when she dresses up. She looks stunning regardless. But there are just a couple of those times when she really put it all out there and we loved those moments too. 

Her style is usually feminine and soft or she opts for boyfriend jeans and a tee. But now, as androgynous fashion is a big trend and Anushka took the trend head-on and emerged victoriously. She wore structured plaid garments with sleek hair and boots and looked like she meant business. 

Here are 3 times when Anushka Sharma rocked a pantsuit!

This plaid 3-piece Gucci jumpsuit and suit looked like a million bucks on Anushka. She wore a tie and some boots to complete the look. But the thing that caught our eye was the ear cuff. It was the only accessory she was wearing and it completed the look beautifully. 

Bumble bee in gold? Why not! This Dice Kayek suit is a whole mood and by mood we mean a whole disco era rolled in one! We love the exaggerated shoulder pads and the matching tie. She hit it out of the park with this one. 

The cutout tuxedo-like suit by Yvonne Bosnjack is SO SLEEK! The cutout sleeve and pocket watch chain detailing really changes the look up. She balanced out the structure of the look with messy hair. 

Which other celebs do you like in a pantsuit? Let us know.