Stella McCartney pledges to save the rainforests with upcycled clothes and star power

The designer was one of the first to set up a fund to help the ecosystem and work towards sustainable fashion.
Celebrity Style,stella mccartney,Luxury Fashion,ecofriendly fashionStella McCartney pledges to save the rainforests with upcycled clothes and star power
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Stella McCartney's show at Paris Fashion Week saw a number of A-list celebrities including actors like Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Oprah Winfrey and more, attending it. But the celebrities weren't the spotlight of this show. Instead, the focus was on the show which focused on the ancient and endangered Leuser ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia. And all of this, below a canopy of chandeliers!

McCartney is backing a campaign which aims to protect 6.5 million acres of endangered rainforests. This land is said to be home to over 100 mammal species including tigers, elephants and rhinos, along with the much at risk Sumatran orangutan. 





Dresses for this show were created from sustainable viscose that was even sourced to forests. Even fabric from many of her vintage outfits were upcycled especially for this collection. One such example was a fluid maxi dress that was created from vintage t-shirts. When asked about it, McCartney eve mentioned that these are pieces you would want to hand down to the next generation. "We've tried to create pieces that you want to hand down from generation to generation, pieces that you want to keep forever," the designer said. These outfits that she has created, are supposedly, "donated by the past and dedicated to the future."

She has even vowed against using authentic leather and fur, sending a message that you can be stylish and fashionable and have principles. Her outfits also had sustainable embroidery. "it's almost a new concept, one of conscious couture," she said about it. 


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