STOP everything! ZARA just launched a new range of lipsticks in time for the holidays

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The Spanish fashion brand is not just a place where you can get your favourite staples blouses, trousers, bags and bags. They have an all-new beauty section that is shaping up well, and we can't wait!
The fast-fashion company launched a range of 12 lipsticks that range from $13 to $26! Lip colours (lipsticks), high-matte lipsticks (liquid lipsticks) and behind the scenes kits are what is in store for us at the online portal. 
The packaging is fashionable - in complete Zara style. It is minimal yet chic. Each tube comes with a magnetic closure to avoid any kind of spilling or leaking with the signature Zara logo engraved on the lipstick. The lid has a floral sort of illustration on it. All the lipsticks have hydration qualities with Vitamin E. The lippies come in shades like coral, crimson, deep plum and have been described as highly pigmented and lightweight on the lips. 
Dry lips in winters are abundantly common. To curb that, the brand has incorporated argan oil with vitamin E into its range of liquid lipsticks since everybody knows how incredibly drying the liquid lipsticks are.
The behind the scenes kit contains an UltiMatte Lipstick, Hi Matte Liquid Lipstick and a lip liner to make sure the lipstick stays put and doesn't smudge, at all times. 
There is scepticism behind the launch of make-up by the brand, but we are certain that their lipsticks will be raided off shelves just as fast as their clothes are! 
What are your thoughts on Zara's new venture? Are you excited to try out the lipsticks? Let us know in the comment section below. 
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DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FroM FAST FASHION relators!! Watch the documentary: The True your eyes how people are abused in slave like factory conditions

No one cares, what ever you do, do not shop Zara, H&M, Forever 21, top shop, they are the worst culprits of slave labor where women, children are abused in sweat shops. making clothes, watch the True Cost the documentary please!!! Many people died due to factory collapsing due to bad infrastructure in Bangladesh and they lost their limbs/lives!! PV POST AND STOP CENSORINg COMMEntS

No thanks, probably tested on animals and include animal by-products, I'll pass.

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