STOP wearing these trends in 2019

While there are new trends coming in to raid your closet, THESE trends are a big NO for 2019!
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2018 was a revolutionary year in terms of fashion. Like every year, some weird, extravagant, ugly trends broke the internet. But, some trends came in to stay and we are clearly not complaining. With the new year bringing in new trends, we need to make way for them. There are some absolutely worn out trends from the past year that need to be left behind.


Sleek hairstyle

While this trend was on top of most celebrity lists, after a point it felt like everybody was doing it. The sleek hairstyle was paired with everything from sarees and lehengas to evening gowns. With the new year and new trends coming in, it is better to leave this overrated trend behind.

Conventional sarees

Sarees were part of major events in 2018. From airports to red carpets, the six-yard piece became everybody’s favourite. However, with everybody loving the classic clothing, after a moment traditional bright coloured sarees became monotonous. While we cannot ditch the classic clothing, concept sarees have become the new in thing. They keep the tradition alive with a little twist. Shilpa Shetty has set up a good example when it comes down to rocking unconventional sarees.

Classic hues

Bright, primary and bold colours need to take a step back. In spite of ultraviolet being the colour of the year, bright and bold shades of red, blue, yellow and emerald green took over the control. This year, opt for subtle hues or you can go in for romantic shades. For evening wear, ditch gold and opt for sultry black.

Ruffled dresses

The ruffled dresses have been in trend for the past two years, it’s time for them to leave. While ruffled sarees are relatively new and fresh, the trend needs to take a step back with tunics and dresses. With new trends and designs like fringes and statement sleeves coming in, the overrated trend needs to make way for the other styles to flourish.

Play with colourful makeup

Most celebrities embraced their natural beauty in the no-makeup - makeup look. However, after a point, it became less of a trend. Living coral is the colour of 2019, embrace and experiment with similar coloured hues in both clothing and makeup. Monochrome makeup with bright eyes is going to be huge this year and we bet experimenting will take you a long way!

Goodbye, bulky bags!

Say goodbye to your bulky bags cause this is the season of micro purses. Yes! You heard it right, mini bags are really a thing. At the end of 2018, the trend already made its way to mainstream and street fashion. From Priyanka Chopra to Kim Kardashian, the mini bag trend has got its wings.

The new year has already kicked in and these trends are going to be major! We are definitely looking forward to wearing all the new trends that 2019 has brought along.What do you think of the trends of 2018? Let us know in the comments section below.

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