Taylor Swift replicates Anna Wintour's hairstyle and the latter feels 'honoured' that she did

Taylor Swift asked Anna Wintour some exclusive questions as part of her Vogue cover story. Among them, she talked about styles she would wish to never see again, how she felt when Taylor copied her hairstyle and more!
Celebrity Style,taylor Swift,anna wintour,taylor swift hairstyleTaylor Swift replicates Anna Wintour's hairstyle and the latter feels 'honoured' that she did
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Taylor Swift has a lot going on these days. The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter has her next album releasing next week, is starring in the film version of Cats and is on the latest cover of Vogue! In an interview with the magazine, she talked openly about all the controversies she is surrounded by including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. 

But she got a chance to interview the head of the magazine as well! Taylor posed some very important questions to Anna Wintour with one of the first questions being about their matching hair! "You have to be really honest about this: How did you really feel when I copied your hairstyle?" asked Swift, referring to the time back in 2016 when she sported bangs with her hair styled into a sleek bob around her face and looked exactly like Wintour's. 

Anna didn't hesitate from responding to this. "Taylor, I am being very, very honest and I would like to tell you that I was honoured," she said smiling. 

The editor does have a lot of respect and appreciation for the musician for she even said that she would play three of Taylor's songs - Fearless, Red and Lover, her latest single, to play at an informal dinner party! She also talked candidly about how Taylor's character in Cats was not her favourite, among other things! 

Who do you think sported the bob haircut with fringes better? Comment below. 

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