These are Kate Middleton’s fave pair of jeans (and they’re from Zara)

Serial outfit repeater, this one
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I don’t know if you know, but Kate Middleton recycles a lot of her outfits. And if you don’t already this, I want to know which particularly large rock’s underside you’ve been calling your home. Let’s just say, if I don’t mind being photographed in the same LBD on two separate weekends now, it’s because of her, really. To put things into perspective, if I had to count the number of instances where this serial outfit recycler has repeated her Alexander McQueen outfit, I will have to borrow a few extra digits from your hands because my ten will seem insufficient. Numbers make everything believable, no?


But, okay, I get it. When I say Alexander McQueen, its Sarah Burton’s designs we’re talking about. And the price tag on Kate’s favourite brand’s product makes a strong case against its permanent banishment from a closet - royal or otherwise.

Then, what if I told you that one of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe occupant - her denim pants - is actually quite affordable? And that despite its thrifty disposition, she’s rather attached to it.

I’m talking about Kate’s brown biker jeans that she wore to a philanthropic event in London (and although I’m crushing major on those Penelope Chilvers boots, I am only going to address her denim pants).


Kate, who, despite her royal status is every bit bourgeois as the rest of us, had, in fact, worn the same pair back in 2016 on her India tour with Prince William.



See? No kidding.


And although a lot has changed - the shoes, the polka dots button-down shirt and addition of a chic jacket by Fjällräven (good luck pronouncing), the pants fit her snugly and exactly the same way they did two years ago. All this after giving birth for the third time this year.


Our diet plans might be different, but one thing’s for sure - Kate (who will one day be the queen of England) and I both love Zara. How amazing is that?


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I love Kate. William and Kate make a very good couple and perfect for a future Queen and King.
Kate dresses very classy and she repeats her clothes many times. They have beautiful kids.
Kate is very special.

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