Topshop comes out with “Fake News” jeans; takes a direct jibe at President Donald Trump

Topshop came out with yet another vexed piece of clothing which is the “Fake News” slogan straight leg jeans.
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Roll on the sunshine as we are ten days past 2018 already!! With the commencement of the New Year, one would have thought of a peaceful and simple start but trust fashion to burst your bubble and surprise you.

The year has gone by and so are the plain and safe denim trends. Topshop came out with yet another vexed piece of clothing which is the “Fake News”  slogan straight leg jeans.

The high street brand’s site description for the slogan denim jeans states that it will help you in “making a statement”. The caption “Fake News” is written in white over a red strip of fabric running the length of the pants. A pair of these controversial caption jeans will cost you about $90.  

Well, let’s dig deeper and tell you why “Fake News” happen to be such a sensationalising slogan. “Fake News” is the immediate reaction of American President, Donald Trump to any news, network, paper or reporter who criticizes him or his Government. The item for obvious reasons is trending and has also become a fast seller. Its bold of Topshop to take a jibe at the ruling President and how they are both fed up and annoyed with him.

Trump who is infamous for his controversial and bizarre comments, actions and statement is planning “Fake News Awards” later this month in order to control the news cycle and also to discredit the journalists before they release any unflattering and damaging news and articles targeting his administration.




They are not taking a jibe at Trump, they are simply cashing in on the latest catch-prase .

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