Trends started by the Kardashians that are really BIG right now

‘They can sell anything’ and we have enough proof of that.
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We cannot deny that over the years the Kardashians have been a great driving force of the fashion industry. If we see any of the Kar-Jenner sisters wearing anything, it becomes a trend almost immediately and there's no denying there. We rounded up a few Kardashian trends that have now become wardrobe staples.



While most of the Kar-Jenner sisters have turned into makeup moguls, they were amongst the few people to actually contour their faces. According to them, contouring enhances facial features to make you look more chiselled. They soon turned their obsession in a million dollar brand by selling contour kits and makeup products for the same.


Latex clothing

Well, there’s no denying that with an hourglass-shaped body like that, anything you wear will look good on them. They started a movement of wearing latex dresses for casual dinners and outings.


Fancy Athleisure

They were front and square in the athleisure movement. They made tracks look fancy with luxurious bags and thousands of dollars worth of shoes.


Bold Hair Colour

Kylie can take full credit of starting this trend. She has singlehandedly turned the beauty trend around.


Super Long nails

Natural nails to straight up cat-like claws, the Kardashians have been solely responsible for this raging trend.


Long unrealistic Cher hair

The 70’s inspired hairstyle has made a comeback with Kim wearing them all the time. From Nicki Minaj to Cardi B, everyone has worn the trend some or the other time.


Oversized tops and no pants

Kourtney and Kylie can be given full credit for this trend. Thigh high boots, oversized shirts and no pants was a go-to for a lot of girls after they were spotted wearing them.


Neutral shades

We can give Yeezy the credit for this. The Kardashians have been seen a number of times in neutral clothing and we are more than happy for the trend they started.


We are definitely not complaining about the trends that required literally no pants and gave a 100% off comfort level. Which Kardashian trend is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.


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A lot of these trends/styles were in existence before this family became famous.

you need to do your history. The majority of these trends started with Black- african america people!!!!!!! Thses woman are culture vulture and pretend they invented most of it when in reality they just took it from us => culture appropriation!

We love and adore these girls plz meet us in south India not Bollywood we are from Tamil nadu

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