What is ‘Fat Tax’? How did Diet Sabya anonymously raise its voice against this unethical practice?

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What is ‘Fat Tax’? How did Diet Sabya anonymously raise its voice against this unethical practice?

In a day and age where conversations regarding ‘body positivity’ are now done out in the open and plus-size models are taking over the runway (at least for some designers), there is an unethical practice still going on. In a recent outburst by the anonymous fashion watchdog, Diet Sabya, he/she called out the unethical practice of ‘Fat Tax’ that is still going on. 

What is ‘Fat Tax’ you may ask? Well, to put it in the simplest of terms, it’s the extra tax/amount a designer charges for making a bigger size garment for their plus-size clients. It’s the extra charges that the designer bills up for the excess fabric and embroideries that they use in making a bigger garment. Women and men from different walks of lives shared their own experiences saying they were ‘hurt’. An anonymous message also raised a logical question, ‘So then they charge less for XS (extra small) or what?’ Another message read, ‘A large chunk of the population is above a size 12.’ 

The anonymous account also pointed out how certain brands that use one plus-size model to show inclusivity but end up charging more to their larger clients. Another anonymous client of a brand also said that she ended up paying INR 60,000 extra to get a lehenga in her size. The conversation further dived into the area of how badly plus size people were treated by the staff at major designer outlets. Further, an anonymous DM also read that the same things happen to men and they are made to feel sorry for the amount of fabric used in their suits to extra thread required to stitch. 

Once these stories were out, things changed for good (at least for some brands and design houses). Designers like Gauri & Nainika and Nikasha came forward to accept the fact that they charged ‘fat tax’ and further concluded that they have stopped this unethical practice. A little bit of a push and this conversation lead to be an eye-opener for the industry! We’re waiting on more designers to come out and raise their voices regarding this. 




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