What? Kendall Jenner reveals that she often goes commando

The supermodel has an aversion to the panty line showing and apparently steps, out often without underwear!
Kylie Jenner,Kendall Jenner,model kendall jenner Kendall Jenner reveals that she often goes commando!
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The model has been in the news a lot lately. It was recently revealed that Kendall Jenner was the highest paid model last year as she bagged deals with Calvin Klein, Adidas and Estee Lauder and made a total of 18-22 million in the year. Despite that, she was labelled the "poorest" of the Kardashian-Jenner clan since she apparently made much lesser than her sisters!

But recently, according to Radar Online, the model confessed to her close friends that she rarely ever wears underwear! Her friends are apparently super grossed out by this revelation. The VPL (Visible Panty Line) is apparently the model's biggest pet peeve and "She's told a few people she avoids it because she doesn't wear underwear in the first place," a source close to the model spilled. This is understandable as the Kendall pretty much wears slinky and tight outfits. 




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Her friends on the other hand, apparently can't help but wonder and freak out about how many times Kendall's naked butt has been on their couches and car seats, considering she loves wearing mini skirts and has an aversion to wearing underwear! But in a business where looks mean everything, this move only makes sense. 

It was also recently reported that the model along with co-workers Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid and more, are expected to receive subpoenas for being associated with the Fyre Festival which happened back in 2007. The founder of the festival has already been sentenced to six years of prison and the trustee wants answers on what actually went wrong. 

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