Yay or Nay : Kangana Ranaut in Victoria Beckham

Kangana Ranaut in Victoria Beckham

Post attending the MAMI opening night, the celebrities headed straight to the Ambani household for the after party.

Kangana did a quick change from her Ulyana Sergeenko dress, into a cobalt blue sheath dress by Victoria Beckham. Her form fitting, V neck line dress was styled with a pair of  metallic pumps, a faux bob and a maroon lip.

She looked hot! We love the simple look on her!

P.S. You can buy the dress by clicking on the shopping link above.

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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karan johar's whatsapp group is called guts? Oh the irony!

I bet Karan huddled in a corner with his "friends like family" sipping a martini and furtively glancing over at Kangana every second and chatting about it in his whatsapp group called "guts" throughout the entire party. It's clear that with Kangana you can either love her or hate her, but there's one thing you can't do and that's ignore her. The entire bollywood industry has been shaken up by her and now every actor will think twice about who they communicate with and why, not ever woman is a slave to this industry and can expose you in a heart beat. I would Loooove for an investigative journalist show to hire a very pretty lady to get into the film industry and expose everyone. Would be so fun to watch. Power to you Kangana, keep slaying with your fashion sense and impeccable acting skills. Haters gonna hate!

What a sexy figure with sexy hair #Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Slayer LOOK.

Hahaha is this the lady that can match HR..PHEWWE


What's with just praise for her fashion? Did she already forget Hrithik? Exposeddd.

Shameful dress


classy and chic

Kangana is looking awesome! Most talented actress in Bollywood and fashionista with best aesthetics.

another taack-show haha!

Body says 21 but face says 41! LOL

oh yesssssss

Kangana rocking it all on her own while the childish bullies gang up together to show their power.

Nope, we are not her PR nor her sister..just genuine fans of honesty and fearlessness! All the best Kangana from Canada!


I'm loving it!

Keep going Kangna, Strength is Power!!!!

Lovely! Like that dress!!

That dress is so simple yet sophisticated.

Look at her.....WOW, she looks fantastic. Look at that body posture; she seems full of confidence and in control. Keep on rocking, beauty. nubaLIMBU

Wow!! She has the best bod in town. She can wear anything and look so yum.

She's rocking in this costume

Kangana can really work the Bob!!!


Rangoli has forgotten twitter, now posting non stop on PV. So obvious haha

The sarkar wave

Absolutely Yay!!

Keep rocking kangana.

OMG simple yet smoking hot #Yayyyyy

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