Yay or Nay : Kareena Kapoor in Faraz Manan

Kareena Kapoor at Masala Awards and at the airport
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Kareena Kapoor was in attendance at Masala Awards held in Dubai yesterday.

The actress wore a design by one of her trusted designers, Faraz Manan. She wore a gold saree inspired gown featuring strapless neckline and a draped dupatta detail over the shoulder. Hair tied up, a glossy lip and a pair of dangling earrings rounded her look out.

While heading to the airport she was photographed in Rag and Bone set.

Your thoughts on this look?


Auntyji posting her pictures and commenting how beautiful she looks:) lol

Eww that big scary face

what is that dress?? is it a saree or a gown? but as Oscar Wilde said "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months" :P

Kartik and Kareena !!! After she heard Sara wants to date him she quickly grabbed on to him so she can feel desirable! So insecure.

Seems like she got some fillers on her cheeks...

The golden saree looks very classy, this what Kareena should have wore to deepika reception!

Yup they went together for the youngistan awards in delhi

Kareena to Kartik pe kuch zyada hi meherbaan hai aajkal. Trouble for Saif, is it?

Isnt it Kartick beside bebo? Oh God!

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