Yay or Nay : Sonam Kapoor in Vera Wang

Sonam Kapoor at Cannes
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After doing Indian traditional on her day 1 of Cannes, Sonam Kapoor wore another attention grabbing look on the red carpet today.

She glided down the red carpet wearing a nude gown by Vera Wang. Her simple gown with a corset bodice and tulle skirt had a floor sweeping train in an unexpected yellow hue.

The look was styled with a red lip and matching yellow eye make up and she rounded her look out with hair worn in a low bun.

There's no denying that the look was grand, pretty and Cannes ready, however the color wasn't my favorite. I kinda wish the entire gown was yellow.

What are your thoughts on this look?

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That thing on her back is a total distraction.

Probably the only bad dress at Cannes this year.

I think Vera Wang was punking Sonam.


yay...perfect combination of colors for the French summers.

Oh absolutely NO.

so vera wang decided to give sonam her worst outfit ever designed..loreal needs to get new brand amabassadors..all the current indian onese are boring af..why not rope in kangana..she looked way more stylish than dp&sonam put together..at cannes..

Its alright in the front ...but at the back ... looks a big giant ball of poop coming out of the dress!!!


She is self proclaimed fashionista who tries too hard but fails miserably

She can never be a YAY

true beauty, she looks spectacular



She looks Great

Kya slay slay .She didnt slayed at all.

OTT as always

Sonam neither has style, fashion, acting talent, looks, expressions, dance skill or anything else. She is only a neo kid with no talent and only loud mouth. An uneducated airhead. Her bad Cannes looks are proof that daddy's money and designer labels don't make her look good. She looks bad even after layers of makeup and expensive clothes

Maybe she got a start coz of her father, but her association with ll'oreal is more to do with her own style . If they had to choose real actress as there ambassador for cosmetics India has no dearth of talented actresses they could have easily gone for Vidya or Nandita or any other Power house actress but since it's cosmetic brand they went for her . Hits or Miss is part of there life she always won't be hitting on target, Ash herself had her wow and nay moments so do all other Hollywood biggies.

i think when she lets her sister dress her its too boring like when rhea made bebo wear that with plain dress for lux awards

I am bewildered. Sonam, why this? An awful dress that's beyond redemption.

Another day another Nay. again it looks painfully small for her you can actually see it digging into her underarm area and shoulder blades! the less said about the gown itself the better. Loreal needs to step in with their south asian beauty ambassadors. its been a really flat show this year!

How did Vera Wang come up with this?

I kinda love the dress but it looks off on her. There's literally no international coverage of her. I saw pictures of Kangana, Deepika, and of course Ash floating on social media but nothing for Sonam. That's what happens when your're there only cos of your daddy's name. Not hating on her but it makes me really mad at the extent of nepotism in Bollywood. There are so many actresses more deserving of being here and they would've slayed it. Such a beautiful dress but even with all the make up, photo ops and photo shop she still looks underwhelming.

color is good, but the dressed with big what ever that is on the back side, questionable! I think sonam being so busy with wedding, let someone else picked her dresses! make up is good!

Nay!-Nay! They saved the bore for last.

That’d be a big NO! Nothing extraordinary that I would expect from her at Cannes. No different to what she wore previously

Slay, Slay , Slay all Day <3


yayyyyyy!!!!! SHE LOOKS AMAZE

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