Zara changes its logo and netizens FREAK out over it

The fast fashion brand recently revealed their "new and improved" logo that had fans of the brand criticisng it. The brand still hasn't made a statement regarding the same.
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Change is supposed to be good. Last year saw a number of logo changes of big brands. Burberry, Balmain, Celine, Calvin Klein and more changed their logos or upgraded them. Fans of these brands took them with a pinch of salt and poked fun at many of them. The latest to join the bandwagon - Spanish fashion brand - Zara.  

Zara changed its logo and customers of fast fashion had multiple opinions about it. The logo which has the letters spelt out in the same font, is apparently a little "too close for comfort" for many fans. It was designed by the advertising agency Baron & Baron, the same brand which designed Harper's Bazaar's new logo. As always, netizens were quick to point out similarities to the magazine's logo. 

The neat capital letters which were once evenly spaced out, now overlap each other and are all squashed up together. It is the brand's first redesign since 2010, according to TODAY. It is also only the second time in the brand's 45 year history, that the brand's logo has been tampered with. 

Twitter users also pointed out how similar it was to the NARS logo in which the characters overlap each other as well. There is also deliberation about whether or not, the brand will give into the backlash and switch back to their original logo, calling it pulling a "New Coke". This is essentially because when Coke replaced their original logo with a new one, no one liked the new logo and switched back to the old one, making it one of the biggest marketing flops in the whole of history. 

What are your thoughts on the new logo? Love it or hate it? Comment below and let us know. 
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