Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif opt for the SAME high ponytail; Who wore it better?

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif make a dramatic statement as they opt for the same hairstyle. Who do you think wore it better?
deepika padukone,katrina kaif,Faceoffs,Faceoff Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif opt for the SAME high ponytail
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Faceoffs have been common than ever. From celebrities wearing the same attire to them getting ‘inspired’ by each other, our very own B-Town beauties have literally started styling themselves in a similar way. While each of these divas has her own individual style, they do tend to venture out and opt for some trendy pieces and hairstyles.


Well, this time has proved to be no different as the leading beauties of Bollywood opt for a similar hairstyle. Deepika Padukone wore the dramatic high-ponytail on the red carpet of Cannes last month. Following suit, Katrina opted for a similar hairstyle for an event held in the city yesterday.

Deepika Padukone who went down the dramatic route, made an OTT statement on the Cannes red carpet this year. Her ponytail has almost become iconic due to its ceiling touching high-length. The sleek back hair was secured in a rather high loop making it dramatic than ever. The Chhapaak actress accompanied the ponytail with a fierce graphic eyeliner making all the heads turn. Literally!

Soon after seeing Deepika on the carpet, Katrina followed suit by opting for a similar hairstyle. Kat’s ponytail was however not as high as Deepika's as it was secured in a smaller loop. However, the sleek back hair did give Kaif a chiselled look. Katrina glammed up with contoured cheekbones and smokey eyes. We loved how the Bharat actress deviated from her signature hairstyle and experimented with her look.

We were a complete fan of how both the beauties got out of their comfort zones and opted for the dramatic look. While the hairstyle was similar, both Deepika and Katrina styled it in a distinct manner.


Who do you think wore it better? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Being a fan I too admit that deepika is looking old and tired offlate. But she won't opt for surgeries or botox like kat, kangana or priyanka.

Priyanka and Alia looks like super duper ugly fugly witches. Katrina looks like a horse.

Deepika looks like an ugly witch. Katrina looks like a horse .

Two beautiful flowers. Equally beautiful in their own way.

MJ Replica ...hahahahaha..soooo true!!Deepika does look like female version of't stop laughing..

When Katrina Kaif wears the same brand as Deepika the ugly deepika fans says kk copied lol.. even if she wants to copy it will never be deepika who doesn’t know any style except the style to seek attention

Obviously Katrina Kaif duh I don’t like MJ replica (dp)

Why lie and say deepika lol No one in Bollywood industry will pull off this pony tail look only Katrina Kaif manage to do so. And to those who said she copied deepika please watch her performance on an award show when she performed to de dana dan paisa paise song.. and in zero husn parcham too so by this i can say that deepika copied Katrina Kaif ponytail look but not to make it obvious she made it a little thicker and higher

HOw come people are blind when it comes to deepikas looks i mean she probably got her nose done, a face lift, cheek implants & skin lightening. I mean she was thin in her debut but she have more of a chubby face now where was that after 3/4 years of being in the industry. Her nose was more of mishape bump on the end but now it’s perfectly shape and thats not natural nor make up.. her cheeks lol make her look like MJ when she wears glasses or shades

Katrina only, too gorgeous

Katrina is trend setter in the simple wears. Be it her curly hair or summer style

Hahaha sis said it's crystal clear y'all.... are you serious? You sure need a pair of glasses. Deepika is anything but good-looking in those pics and katrina looks way better than her here IT'S A FACT! period!

Deepika of course

Deepika the queen. Kat the copy cat!


Katrina is undignified, user and a weak woman


have you seen husn parsham song of zero - in that KAT wore a high ponytail of a different version. so i dont think she always copies but if it looks good on her nothing wrong in experimenting

Deepika of course!!

Seriously what kind of low life finds them looking bad. I am very sure it is the work of ugly nose digger phusat Buddha ranbir uncle. He is jealous looking at the success and happiness of Deepika and ranveer. In his dreams he or his alia will be ever invited to Cannes. Deepika looked like a royal Disney princess.Ranbir uncle just go away Deepika won't take you back. Deepika is a born slayer.Queen of natural features. Katrina too looked good with that pony.

Its crystal clear Deepika Padukone is looking much better, the best with the ponytail. Why lie and say Katrina? I like her too. But between these two Deepika looks the best by far. Deepika belongs to a different league.

Katrina is the worst actress . Loser in Bollywood and Hollywood. Attention seeker ugly user.

Katrina looks Horrid. Look at her invisible eyes and distorted face. The blind was true about her face.

Katrina is not dark and her airport pics proves it also her old photos shows she is not fair. Her skin is dark and dull

Katrina is the worst and fake actress in Bollywood. Looser in Hollywood and her own country. Attention seeker ugly
Be fair to all the fandom and post please pv

Graceful strong woman..... Katrina kaif!

katrina of course,she looks stunning

Deepika is the worst actress of bollywood looser in hollywood attention seekers ugly

Kat is looking for because she is fair. She is a Britisher and they have beautiful white skin.

Am i the only one who sees the awkwardness on deepika's face? the area from the nose to the mouth it's like it has a long wrinkle on it and it's quite scary to be honest+ her rosy (so looking sensitive) skin and the eyeliner aren't really helping

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