Fashion Faceoff: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Sonam Kapoor; who wore the red Dior dress better?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan graced the cover of Vogue India’s April issue with global icon Pharrell Williams and Sonam Kapoor had featured in Cosmopolitan India’s March 2018 issue wearing the same Dior dress
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The April issue of Vogue has dropped and everyone is raving about it as it is a beautiful union of East meets West. Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and global icon Pharrell Williams features on the cover together. The leading magazine posted a series of photos on their Instagram account and one of the photos caught our eye.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Pharrell Williams pose together striking a very confident pose with Bachchan’s arm casually put around his neck. Aishwarya wore a red full sleeves Dior dress which featured a deep plunging neckline and a fit and flare silhouette. The see through dress had a hanging tie detail around the neck and was paired with a horizontal black and white striped bralette. Open beach wavy hair with nude makeup and glossy lips finished off her look.  However, after rewinding our memory a bit we realised that we had seen a similar look recently and it was on none other than Sonam Kapoor.

Sonam Kapoor wore a the same Dior dress when she featured in Cosmopolitan India’s March 2018 issue. Kapoor wore the dress with a Calvin Klein, black and white printed bralette. The neck tie detail however was more cleaner and was wrapped around the neck. Open beach wavy hair with filled in brows,nude undertone makeup and black running shoes finished off their look.


The issues are just one month apart but the similarities are way too much. Not just the Dior dress, even the hair and makeup is extremely similar and also the use of a black and white bralette. Honestly, we like Aishwarya’s look just a little bit extra because of that extra sass and poise.


What do you guys think? Who according to you pulled off the Dior dress better? Comment and let us know.

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Both are extremely beautiful and look great. But Sonam wins this hands down. Ash may be a Miss World, but Sonam is a better model (actually, Sonam is a better model then all the models in India, and most of the models internationally today as well).


Who is Pharrell?

Sonam pose is not good, standing pose would be good

Just one point sonams seems really uncomfortable, whereby Aishwarya seems to be extremely to confident and comfortable which is winning. Nothing against Sonam, we can’t compare to aish, I’m huge Salman fan but Aishwarya is one of most beautiful ladies out there.

Lol is this a joke? Look at the pics, is there even a comparison? Ash all the way, Sonam who?

Both look about the same to me. I think perhaps the outfit is better suited for someone in their 20s.

both my favorite beauties. and both stunning!

Obviously Ashwariya. No comparison


Aishwarya Rai, we can’t compare one of most beautiful miss world to Sonam. Aish wins this, Sonam looks all over the place in this pic

The quirky look that Sonam brought to the dress didn’t work..I m going to chooses ms Rai!

Sonam looks pretty. We all know ash is heavily photoshopped to look like this. I choose sonam over her any day..she keeps it real unlike fake ash


Hands down Aishwarya

Um hello sonam

Afkos AISHWARYA ..sonam look pretty but we can't cmpare them both.. However we do so the winner is AISHWARYA rai former Miss world 1994 my all tym fav jst waiting for her new project

Afkos AISHWARYA ..sonam look pretty but we can't cmpare them both.. However we do so the winner is AISHWARYA rai former Miss world 1994 my all tym fav jst waiting for her new project

Aishwarya hands down!...Can't even compare the two.

Ashwarya looks gorgeous but Sonam looks less photoshopped.

of course the winner is Pharrell Williams

Sonam is effortlessly gorgeous

ASH ASH ASH no doubt....she really can give anyone a run for their money....Graceful!

Just because Sonam looks like what she is in real life and Aishwariya looks like an 'alternate universe aishwariya', i prefer sonam..

Sonam is hella gorgeous*_*


Sonam !

Ash first

Aishwarya without a doubt. Sonam looks desperate for attention while Aishwarya slays in the photoshoot. We are bored of Sonam playing a hanger to clothes. Aihswarya has the face and grace to look gorgeous in any attire


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