Fashion Faceoff: Alia Bhatt or Janhvi Kapoor; who wore the Cinq a Sept outfit better?

The dress costs a whopping Rs 47,000
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Fashion Faceoffs have become a common norm these days. The world indeed is a really small place and boy, our stars make it so obvious for us. Apart from their acting chops, our divas are widely known for being major fashionistas. Be it sassy promotional wardrobe, chic street style, glamorous red carpet looks or the raging airport style; our stars are on top of everything. Well, two of our favourite actresses wore the same outfit and gave us a Fashion Faceoff yet again.


Yes, the two actresses in question are Alia Bhatt and Janhvi Kapoor. The two Dharma girls wore the same Cinq à Sept outfit giving their own personal touch. We first have Alia Bhatt. This beauty came in to congratulate the newly engaged Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas on their engagement bash. She wore a midnight blue chiffon, ruffle detail dress featuring embroidered text around the waist by Cinq a Sept. A pair of strappy sandals, a sling bag and casually tousled hair rounded her lookout. While we love the dress on her, but the choice of the bag did a great disservice to the look.




As we trace back our memory, we stumbled upon Janhvi Kapoor’s Vogue cover shoot wherein she had worn the exact same outfit. Janhvi wore the exact same outfit which she paired with a white tank top. Brushed open hair with minimal makeup and filled in brows finished off her look. While she looked pretty, the tank top looked a bit off. We wish that she should have opted for a full sleeves shirt or a half sleeve white top instead of the tank.


Both the pretty faces missed the bull's eye, however, we liked Alia Bhatt’s look more than that of Janhvi’s. Who worked out the Cinq a Sept outfit better? Comment below and let us know.


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i like plastic


Jhanvi’s nose looks same as MJ

Alia's days are numbered. Jhanvi is a WAY better looking girl than Alia and she acts well too. Bye bye Aloo

Alia is a brilliant actress. Jhanvi so so. Who cares what they are wearing. At the end of the day they are actresses.

Jhanvi is looking better

It is very highly likely Alia borrowed the dress from Jhanvi. Alia was representing Karan at the event, hence last minute needed outfit. She styledit differently. Of course all K Jo kids are sistes


Now i see what this dress is about. Jhanvi is killing it in this picture

Both the pics are bad, but janvi is better

Jhanvi looks so Gracefull

Jahnavi, she is beautiful

Janhvi looks effortless


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