Fashion Faceoff: Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, Anushka Sharma : Who wore the classic red saree better?

Bollywood is clearly obsessed with Sabyasachi and we have enough proof for it.
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The trend of the Sabyasachi red saree with heavy jewellery and sindoor continues. We definitely know that nothing can compete with a classic red saree. But don’t you think we have seen a lot of celebs wear their versions of a similar saree? We wonder when will there be an innovation in styling the six-yard!


However, over the course of time, we have seen a lot of our favourite Bollywood divas dressed in the ace designer’s creations. But today, we have three stunning actresses of Bollywood competing for the title of who wore it better?


Anushka Sharma

The 30-year-old actress wore the Sabyasachi red saree for her wedding reception in Delhi.  Anushka looked gorgeous with a classic black smokey eye. She paired the silk weave with statement heritage jewellery by the same designer. Anushka opted for a centre-parted low bun to give all the attention to the bright red sindoor on her forehead. To top it off, she covered her bun with a fresh Gajra.

Deepika Padukone

The Padmaavat actress - Deepika Padukone has been the Sabyasachi muse for as long as we can remember. The designer styled the classic red saree in his signature style. Deepika was seen wearing the red saree with a statement choker necklace. Her hair was tied into a loose low bun. She paired the red saree with a classic red lip.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The former Miss World graced Isha Ambani’s Wedding in the same Sabyasachi saree. Just like Anushka and Deepika, she styled her saree with statement jewellery and a centre-parted bun with a hint of sindoor. She also accessorised her hair with white flowers wrapped around her bun. She definitely kept the whole look classic with winged liner and red lips.

While the red saree is a classic, we think that a lot could have been done with the way it has been styled.

Who according to you wore the classic red saree better?

Let us know in the comments section below.


Anushka looks so gorgeous like a goddess.she is such a beautiful girl.everybody has their own beauty..

Anushka looks so gorgeous like a goddess.

Dp is the best.Jewelly,makeup and also dress.

Anu looks fat and bad and looks like monkey.LOL!

Whoever Joe Perry is he always makes sense

Aish only.....

Aishwarya, simply because of elegance and graceful way of carrying the saree...Deepika would be second, she looked good too, it’s just that the scraped back bun doesn’t work too well in her favour..Anushka nope

1. Aishwarya 2. Aishwarya 3. Aishwarya

Anushka because she was a bride and you really shudnt be using bride pics for faceoffs

It's funny. Anu is the youngest yet she looks a dadi.

Deepika's look was designed 3 years before. It was for the Nilaya by Sabyasachi campaign.


Imagine Aishwarya wore this saree when she was their age oh Lala

One and only Aishwarya

Firstly stop saying that Ash copied Anushkas or Deepikas look. The bun and the gajra style is actually initiated by the Rekhas ,Hemaji in the eighties. It’s a classic South Indian style.morever Ash wore gajra ,red saree 2 years back when she visited lalbaug cha raja & for Sarabjit promotions & more so when your deepika& anushka were in college probably 15-20 years back. Regarding the red sareee it’s a classic Benarasi saree worn by quite few during weddings. Yes agree it’s way similar to deepikas but it’s from a Sabya collection which again anybody can buy & wear. Big deal !! My point being since pinkvilla always like to compare I honestly say it’s Aishwarya all the way . The other two don’t have the beauty, class & grace like Ash . No wonder they call her Beauty with Brains !! She is not a Miss World for nothing so stop comparing.

Aish needs to chill. Her time is over a decade ago

Aishwarya Aishwarya Aishwarya

Anushka has no charm or grace that the other two ladies have, they have those perfect features to pull of this beautiful look, they surely look like woman in Ravi varma’s paining I agree...

Deepika and Aishwarya look like the women in Ravi Varma's paintings. Anushka looks really bad..I really liked her until she got the lip job or whatever else she got done.

They all look super pretty. Aishwarya and Deepika are wearing exact sarees. One'd think they share a wardrobe. That is actually bad on Sabya's part. Show some creativity dude. You can't dress two stars in the same saree just few weeks apart!

DP and Ash this looks does not look good on someone with round face like Anushka.

Why did aishwarya copy deepika from head to toe? maybe she wanted to be compared with deeps and thus stay in limelight?

Deepika all day, yes Aishwarya looks amazing for 45 but Deepika is just out of this world.

Aish PR is going all out to tag Aish with the younger ones

It should have been fashion face-off between Deepika and Anushka. Aish PR coming here zabardasti and trying to make her relevant

just the way the pics are placed.Deepika and then Anushka.

the pics are placed in the right order. Deepika, Anushka. Aish shouldn't have been mentioned.

Deepika, then Anushka. Aish is loses hands down due to severe bun and fake smile.

Aish and deepika are styled almost exactly alike ....this is one of my all time fave looks of deepika tho


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