Fashion FaceOff: Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma in Sabyasachi

Who according to you wore the Sabyasachi saree better?
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Fashion Faceoff has been a pretty common norm. With our celebrities becoming more and more aware about fashion and trends; we often see them slipping into similar if not the same outfits. Be it the fancy Gucci mules, classic Birkins or the super chic Balmain jackets- our stars have got it all covered. Back in India, our desi designers have a lot of muses who are often spotted wearing their creations. The love for Sabyasachi is ever-growing which leads us to a major fashion faceoff between Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma.


Lovebirds Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli took the world by surprise when they decided to tie the knot on December 11, 2017, in Italy. The extravagant affair saw Sharma wearing Sabyasachi through all the functions. However, it was her engagement saree that bowled us over. Anushka wore a deep burgundy velvet saree with scattered sequins all over it and a matching sleek blouse. Hair pulled back in a sleek hairdo with floral decorations, smokey eyes, nude lips and rusted gold jadau jewellery completed her stunning look out.





Deepika Padukone recently shot for a television commercial wherein she donned a similar saree by her favourite, Sabyasachi. The look and styling were almost similar to that of Anushka’s. Miss Padukone too opted for a sleek hairdo with floral decoration, heavy smokey eyes and nude lips.




Though both of them look stunning, we, however, liked Anushka’s look better as the sleek hairdo suited her face more and the bindi further enhanced her face. Who according to you pulled off the Sabyasachi saree better? Comment below and let us know.


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deepika always

I’ll give you the production bit but box office appeal (in non-khan films), superstardom, and drop-dead gorgeousness Deepu wins anyday! I love her Tanishq ads and sabyasachi shoots they’re like a work of art but yeah she should dump shaleena.

its an advt so she has to act and she looks real and beautiful

Lol, Deepika and Shaleena blatantly stole this, it's almost an iconic image of Anushka's. Honestly, I feel sorry for Deeps. She's like lost her way. Gonna be another like 3 years until we see her in anything. Anushka is doing great, she's a trendsetter in everything, style, production, charity, girl rocks.

One of Anushka’s best looks so far , she looks so royal and so elegant . It’s so good that India’s so called no.1 actress could also not resist copying it . LOL


Deepika has always been an overrated actress , both in terms of fashion and acting . Anushka can easily beat her in acting , and here she is just proving how she is better in the fashion game as well .

Deepika has always been an overrated actress , both in terms of fashion and acting . Anushka can easily beat her in acting , and here she is just proving how she is better in the fashion game as well .

Wow another copy , aren’t Deepika and shaleen tired by now ?

So I’m short deepika’s stylist again copied an entire look and copy pasted it on her client .

Deepika please!

Anushka so very very much here, as she has a natural glow, her happiness shines through.


I love this gulnaaz ad video deepika looks stunning!

Actually it’s deepika who can’t survive without sanjay leela bhansali. Anushka has been wuite versatile

Most versatile, beautiful and wonderful Deepika any day. Love you Deepu. You are the best and look gorgeous in any outfit

Anushka Sharma

Dont compare deepika witg Anushka, Deepika is extremely powerful & most beautiful actress in Bollywood while Anushka is still struggling to survive. Deepika is way better than Anushka

Anushka beaming is the best thing ever. Deepika does not even compare

Deepika shooting for an ad is all brushed up in the video so no way she can be compared to Anushka's beautiful and real life moment. Anushka for her beautiful look at her engagement

Anushka Sharma

Anushka sharma is glowing with happiness while Deepika is acting so definitely Anushka Sharma

One & only Anushka Sharma ❤

Anushka! Deepika just copied her




Anushka Sharma hands down


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