Fashion Faceoff: Deepika Padukone or Jennifer Lopez, who wore the Giambattista Valli gown better?

It has been quite a week for fashion. The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and celebrities are serving some excellent looks. Deepika Padukone opted for a couture gown that reminded us of the one that Jennifer Lopez wore last year, giving us a perfect fashion faceoff.
deepika padukone,Faceoffs,Jennifer Lopez,Cannes 2019Fashion Faceoff: Deepika Padukone or Jennifer Lopez, who wore the Giambattista Valli gown better?
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May can be labelled as the month of fashion, with the number of events that are taking place. First up, we had the MET Gala, where celebrities dressed in the most "Camp" way and gave us some excellent fashionable looks. Then, we have the Cannes Film Festival where all our favourite A-listers served some epic looks on the red carpet. One among the looks was that of Deepika Padukone's. She opted for a neon green ruffled dress that reminded us of the dress that Jennifer Lopez sported back in December by the same designer!

The 33-year-old actress walked the red carpet in a quirky neon green gown by Giambattisvalli which featured a ruffled skirt and ruffle sleeves with a long train. She accessorised her look with a pretty satin bow around her neck and a matching headband. Her hair was pulled back and her makeup was fresh and clean with loads of highlighter. Though we liked the dress, the colour made her look washed out and the satin band that pulled her hair back just didn't match with her outfit. 

JLo, on the other hand, had opted for a similar outfit by the same designer in pink. Lopez aced the look and she paired it with six inch silver platform pumps and a pretty pink clutch. Her hair was pulled up into a chic top knot while her makeup was pretty and matched her dress - rosy cheeks, pink glossy lips and just enough highlighter completed her look. 


The dresses though not identical, are quite similar in style. Who do you think rocked the outfit better - Deepika Padukone or Jennifer Lopez? Comment below and let us know. 

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Deepika padukone for sure she carried the outfit so well even her dress was also listed in the best dress at Cannes according to international media.

Deepika is cleaR cut winner here. Don't know why so called indian fashion critics are never satisfied with deepika's fashion sense or her stylist's .. when she tries something out of her comfort zone , they say she is trying too hard.. when she goes simple, they say she never take risk. If the same design would have worn by some other artist they would have praised with big headlines.#biasedmedia

DP pulled it off way better. Pinkvilla as usual has a sea of jealous PR folks who sit and spew their guts. DPs both looks were featured as best Cannes looks this year in various fashion publications like huff post , Elle etc. White gown was covered on cnn. Burn people and let it hurt. You don’t know better.


I Lo right color and right hair.DP looks like she is a clown

I beg to differ. NO ONE could 'pull off' those so-called dresses to make them look attractive. Period. They're just awful. Even as beautiful as Deepika is, even she couldn't do it. yuk!

Sorry both suck big time, horrible dress.. anyone will looks bad,l

What does this have to do with you? If she is taking pictures and posing, are you giving them to her? Are you paying her? Are you loosing anything? NOOOOO.. You people should get a life. Mo wonder Indians overseas have a bad name, always pulling down your own. In North America, they are celebrated. No matter what they do or say, they are respected. Some of you guys here on Pinkvilla need to appreciate what other are doing for Indian. What are you doing? Only criticizing and shaming people who are willing to put themselves out there representing Indian. Smarten up and grown up. Shame on you!!!!

Hope Pinkvilla post this.

Deepika has been doing waaay too much for someone without much work. She’s just taking pictures all the time these days... clothes clothes and more clothes. And looking absolutely ridiculous at that. Where are your films lady?

Hands down, DP. JLo looks frumpy here.

Deepika is desperate looklike a patriot. She somehow don't seems the same Deepika again

The RCFA blog slams Peedika and the comments are equally entertaining. Please do check it out for a laugh.

Both look horrendous. Sorry

DP looks like she just stepped out of the shower.

Deepika.. I loved the way she carried it..

All you saying the dress is ugly it’s actually high fashion that only celebrities can pull off. I think dp looks amazing

Look at the stance of Jlo. Yay.

Jlo .

None of them...





truth be told, only one of them is wearing the outfit! the outfit is wearing the other one :/

Jlo is beautiful. But Deepu rocked it. Superb attitude and well carried, Dewpu6

I'm going with "neither" - sorry, but those dresses are simply HIDEOUS!


They are both ugly dresses. They are frumpy and give the woman no appeal what so ever. How sad we call this fashion.


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