Fashion Faceoff: Kareena Kapoor Khan or Sonakshi Sinha; who wore the ruffle sleeves blazer better?

Kareena and Sonakshi tried the trending blazers and rocked it in their own style.
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As trends come in and go celebrities like to try a hand at each one of them cause they like being trendy and give the millennials a taste of the Bollywood fashion. One such ‘in vogue’ thing are blazers and the formal suits. The Bollywood divas have extended their hands and conquered the men’s staple outfit. The divas are experimenting and the results are undoubtingly good. The boss lady Kareena Kapoor Khan posed for a shoot with her darling sister Karishma Kapoor wearing an off-white blazer and bell-bottom pants. She wore the blazer as a top itself that had a plunging neckline and flowy ruffle sleeves. But as we scrolled through pictures of other Bollywood divas we recently saw Sonakshi Sinha sport a similar blazer in a pastel blue shade with similar sleeves, hence giving us a fashion faceoff.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan opted for a Prabal Gurung outfit which she rocked. The ‘no makeup’ makeup look, filled in thick brows, pulled back hair and those strands left loose to frame her face just added the finishing touches. We like how she has kept the jewellery minimal and let her powerful jawline and the strong eyes do the rest for the perfect shot.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sinha chose the suit in the summer’s favourite- pastel blue shade. She paired the blazer with satin pink camisole and went for a well highlighted face with smudged black eye makeup. A strong jawline and a neat ponytail rounded off her look. Just like Kareena, Sonakshi kept the jewellery minimal too.

While we like both these ensembles as both of them look so powerful we loved bebo’s look a little too much. The colour looks beautiful on her and the way she carried the whole outfit just looked very classic, brownie points for her as she carried the blazer without a cami which looked much edgier. What do you guys think of these looks? Whom do you think carried the ruffle sleeves blazer well? Comment below and let us know.


Surprisingly,Sonakshi looks much better.

Kareena ruled this outfit and her make up was on point..,Sonakshi s body type does not suit this outfit and her make up was too slapped on!

Kareena has an aura, Sonakshi is just meh

Wow isn’t Kareena 10 years older than Sonakshi? It looks the opposite here

Obviously Kareena

Sonakshi looks much better.

My bebo

The hair, makeup, colour is all wayy better with kareena


Ahhh no comparison,bebo of course.

Not a fan of EitHer but hands down kareena


For me it's kareena

Kareena loved the colour also she looked gorgeous in it

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