Fashion Faceoff: Kriti Sanon or Mira Rajput, who wore the nude lace dress better?

Kriti Sanon or Mira Rajput, who rocked the nude lace dress better?
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The Sonakshi Sinha and Siddarth Malhotra starrer Ittefaq held a screening in Mumbai last night which was attended by several celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, Athiya Shetty, Karan Johar and more. 

Also seen at the event was Kriti Sanon who wore a Purple Paisley, a nude dress that had a lilac lace overlay, over it. Kriti styled the dress with a pair of pointed toe nude flats that had a lace-up detail to them. She paired the look with big, oversized hoops and a fresh face of makeup. Hair worn in a soft blow dry rounded her look. 

Also seen wearing a similar style dress, a while ago was Mira Rajput Kapoor. Mira Kapoor joined in for the pre-wedding bash held by Masaba Gupta and Madhu Mantena.
 She looked gorgeous in white 'Azaelea' Self Portrait dress with handcrafted textured lace and a transparent ladder trim. Matching ankle straps, hair tied up in a ponytail and bronzy makeup rounded her look. She exudes so much confidence, it's admirable! Such a risky dress, but she owns it. Also, love the Kate Spade clutch.

This dress is quite a popular pick with fashionistas as it was also seen on Michelle Poonawala, Sophie Chowdhry and Waluscha de Sousa. Variations of this dress were also seen on Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra as well. 

We think both the ladies look great and cannot pick a favourite. 

What do you guys think, Mira Rajput or Kriti Sanon, who rocked the dress better? Comment below and let us know. 


Why comparison between an actress and a star wife??

Hi Mira! Kriti is far more beautiful and we still don't want to watch you onscreen. Sorry!

how cruel can you be when you comment on people like that? how much hate and anger can you possibly be filled up with?!

Mira is prettier than Kriti

Mira styled it well.

First things first, Mira is an attractive woman. But, lets be fair here. Please cover topics on real actresses. It's frustrating to visit a movie site to read everything except about actor, actresses, and movies.

Lol, this whole section is fashion face-off, you shouldn't be here

They both look good.

I think mira looking pretty here

Look at Kangana !!

Its crochet not lace btw

I like Kriti and since she's an actress as compared to Mira who is a house wife of an actor, I will choose Kriti. It also obviously looks better as she's so statuesque.

Why is an ugly housewife living off her husband’s money being compared to a working woman like Kirti?!!!

Stop it. Just because two women are wearing the same dress does not mean they need to be compared.

Mira’s pr spamming with one liners..

Both beautiful dresses but Mira is prettier and more feminine looking than Kriti.

Both look beautiful. I'd say Meera, because the dress hugs her curves better, looks sexier on her.

both look bad. n kriti can u be urself for once ? ealier u copied Kat n now u r copying DP !!!!

Kriti. DUH. Why is Kriti even being compared to randoms?

Who’s Mira?

kriti is ok. mira is nay it doesnt flatter her figure and the slouching and lack of confidence is palpable. shes not exactly a model so kriti just models it better. otherwise i think the dress looked best and was carried off perfectly on waluscha de souza

Seems like everyone owns a version of this, even people I know. Stop dissing Mira for being a housewife, I'm sure you know plenty housewives. That being said, KRITI, OBVIOUSLY.

Mira hands so she is looking beautiful nowdays after her pregnency



Handsdown kriti, y even mira featured in this case, good for nothing star_wife

Mira looking so pretty i luv u mira

To be very honest none of them but I don't understand the importance this Mira lady get n hatred n trolls deepika , kareena , Katrina ,pc and sonam get

Here on pinkvilla mira n so called queen rani r most hated i guess

Mira hands down

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