Fashion Faceoff: Priyanka Chopra or Freida Pinto; who wore the Dior ensemble better?

Who do you think wore the Dior creation better?
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‘The world is a small place’ and honestly, looking at our celebrities ending up wearing the same outfits makes us believe that phrase all the more. The glamour industry although is extremely elaborate; celebrities however, end up having their own personal favourites. Gone are the days when our stars would feel awkward or embarrassed seeing their contemporary wear the same outfit and we are so glad. This gives us way for a major fashion faceoff.


This time around our fashion faceoff is between our two desi girls who’ve also gained major International recognition, Priyanka Chopra and Freida Pinto. Both the stunners fancied Dior Pre-Fall 18’s nude sequined outfit. Although the outfit was the same, the two styled them extremely differently making for a pretty sight.



Priyanka Chopra was one of the lucky few who attended the Royal wedding as well as the Royal reception. After doing a Vivienne Westwood look for the wedding, PeeCee slipped into a Dior number. She sparkled and glowed in a gold sequined dress by the luxurious fashion house from their Pre Fall 2018 collection. The corset detail gown with an off shoulder neckline looked whimsical and chic at the same time. Styling her look with a Dior bag, she added big earrings and wore her hair in a faux long bob.



Whereas, Freida on the other hand, wore the same outfit with a dust red and emerald green neckpiece, with filled in brows, defined eyes and natural lips. She left her hair open in cascading curls and flashed that perfect smile.


While both of them do look stunning, it is Priyanka Chopra who walks away with the cake. The actress made the entire look, look extremely effortless. We especially loved how she ditched the neckpiece and opted for a camouflaging pair of earrings which complimented the entire look beautifully.


What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know.


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obviously it has to be Freida with a natural face... PC has made her cosmetic surgeon a millionaire right now

Frieda is an average looker s.sorry but this is truth

PC all the way

hard to compare the dresses but the color looks lovely in both. i find freida pinto completely overrated, she got lucky being cast in slumdog millionaire and that’s about it

You can't see a full standing picture of Frieda in this dress, so it's hard to tell who wore it better. However, Priyanka looked great with makeup look at the royal reception. Both ladies are phenomenal.

Priyanka cannot be matched but nice try

Freida is so much prettier than priwanka!

cannot see freida's entire have to give it to pc..

Priyanka looked so stunning at the Royal Wedding Receiption


Priyanka wore it first and looks amazing in it. Can't really see Freida.

Freida recently wore this dress Priyanka wore months ago so they brought it now

you can't really see the dress on frieda but priyanka looked great in it. and freida always manages to look chic in everything she wears.

Yaar why bring this dress up that she wore months ago now? Nick and PC ka koi post nahi toh koi puraani sadi hui who wore it better he sahi. That said, Freida totally rocked that dress.

Dress is a stunner ! Both look very nice though Frieda’s has a sitting picture, but still looks good

Oh the dress Priyanka wore at the Royal reception months ago. She looked amazing!

Obviously Priyanka

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