A true sister act! Kim Kardashian COPIES Kendall Jenner's outfit

Kim didn't rummage through Kendall's wardrobe for this outfit though!
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Kim Kardashian is known to make heads turn with her fashion and beauty choices. Since she is married to American musician and designer Kanye West, its no surprise that she too is invested in the field. The duo recently made an appearance together at a Versace show in New York City where Kim was the talk of the town again. She dazzled in a sparkly silver body-hugging dress with a plunging cowl neckline. Her hair was tied up high into a ponytail, and she matched her outfit with sparkly silver stilettos. But her look seemed eerily familiar...
Kendall Jenner sported the same look for her 21st birthday celebrations back in 2016! Could it be that Kim just rummaged through her sister's clothes and picked out the outfit? Probably not!
The two outfits though strikingly similar have subtle differences. Kim's dress has no slits on the side and does not have spaghetti straps. Instead, it can even be considered sleeveless with lesser side boob show. 
But the twist - Kendall revealed that the outfit was inspired by none other than Paris Hilton! The model uploaded a picture of herself in the sequined dress on Instagram and captioned it "vintage Paris Hilton vibes". In her early days, Paris wore a similar outfit for her birthday celebrations back in the day, starting off the trend like a true fashionista! 
Kendall has been spotted making appearances with Ben Simmons lately. The news is that she is among one the of the highest paid Victoria Secret models making her one of the richest models in the country at present. It is also a great time for Kim Kardashian, who recently launched her first mascara in her beauty line. She is also collaborating yet again with step-sister and beauty mogul - Kylie Jenner to launch another collection of lipsticks that we already can't wait to get our hands on!
Who do you think pulled off the sequined silver dress better? Kim or Kendall? Tell us in the comment section below. 
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