I wish in India women have the liberty to wear what they want without being ridiculed - Sunny Leone as she walks at NYFW

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Sunny Leone alongside Archana Kochar is waving the Indian flag in International fashion scenes as she will be strutting down the ramp at New York Fashion Week on the 8th of September in an Archana Kochhar outfit. Before India's beloved baby doll walks down the ramp, we caught up with her and asked her about the whole experience, her style tips and lot more. 

Here is a low of Sunny spilling the beans about trends she is loving and hating before she heads for fashion week. 


Where do you think India stands on the world fashion map? 

I think every country brings its own unique space to fashion. There is no rating to who is better. 


What outfit are you wearing at NYFW? Would you wear it off the runway? If yes, where and how?

I am wearing Archana Kochhar from India. She is one of the very few Indian designers chosen to be a part of New York fashion week, one of the most renowned fashion events of the year. Yes, I love her designs and wear her all the time. 


Tell us about your association with Archana Kochhar? 

Archana and I have known each other for a few years now and our relationship as friends have grown more as time has gone by. I love her designs because it goes from traditional Indian wear to couture gowns and amazing numbers for any occasion. She is also one of the few designers that support the "Make in India" campaign. She makes silk without killing the silkworm. I believe in saving lives no matter how big or as tiny as a silk worm. Archana is an inspiration to all!!


Fashion tips you learned after moving to India?

I have lived by and believe in wearing what makes me feel great. What people in India think is fashionable is relative to their fashion sense. I have learned to wear more color.


Most fave Indian Designers?

Archana Kochhar is my favorite and always my go to. 


Trends you wish Indians wore more often? 

I wish in India women have the liberty to wear what they want at any time without being ridiculed. That's the real trend that should start. 


One fashion advice you'd like to give to all the young girls out there?

Wear clothes that fit you properly, not too tight and not too loose. Don't be ashamed of your body but embrace it. All your clothing will look amazing when you have confidence. 


 Are you attending any shows at NYFW? 

I am not sure yet. I just want to get there. I still can't believe I've been asked to walk. It's every models/actress dream to go. 


Who are your fave Designers presenting at NYFW?

I think all big top American designers will be there. Not sure who exactly is there but I would love to see Balmain, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Club Monaco and of course Archana Kochhar. 


Fave place in the world to shop at? 

I love Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Stella McCartney, club Monaco and love Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. 


How has your style evolved over the years ?

I have discovered that I like wearing more simple pieces than big logos of the brands I wear. I am very particular about fabrics now. 


Has moving to India changed your personal style statement in any way?

Yes, I care about having one. Lol, being snapped everywhere you go makes you very aware of how you look. 


Do you shop often? Go to shopping place in India? 

Yea I love it. I do not shop in India, my stylist brings me all the clothes I need when I'm there. Once I travel outside India I shop myself and love it. I am actually obsessed with the fabric/fashion district in Los Angeles. 


How do you like the whole experience of walking the ramp? 

Sunny: I love it. It's always a crazy thought that it takes so much time to get ready for a ramp walk and then It's over in less then a min. Lol, I am very nervous about NYFW because this is a dream come true. 


  Do you have any Ritual or things you do before you walk the ramp? 

 Yes, I pray not to fall or trip and I tell my husband I love him,give him a kiss and then I walk. 


Top 3 trends you are loving? 

Sunny: I love the suede thigh high boots but can't wear them in India because it's really hot, Crop tops and vintage hats. 


One trend you wish goes away forever? 

Crocs and uggs.


Favorite beauty trend? 

 Biotherm clay mask, beauty blender, and matte lipsticks.


Worst beauty trend you have ever tried? 

  Worst would be me trying blue eyeshadow. Not cute! 


That skirt is stunning

that will take 500 years!!

Brand channel??? Loll

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