EXCLUSIVE: Disha Patani on her song costumes & haircare secret: ‘I don’t know about fashion and trends a lot’

Ahead of the release of her new film, Radhe, Disha Patani gets candid about fashion, beauty secrets, her iconic costumes and more.
EXCLUSIVE: Disha Patani on her song costumes & haircare secret: ‘I don’t know about fashion and trends a lot’ EXCLUSIVE: Disha Patani on her song costumes & haircare secret: ‘I don’t know about fashion and trends a lot’ Pic Credit: instagram.com/dishapatani
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Disha Patani has joined the list of Bollywood actresses who have stolen our hearts with their fashion choices. From her off-duty wardrobe to red carpet ensembles, Disha is stepping up her game one gorgeous look at a time. So ahead of the release of her new film, Radhe: Tour Most Wanted Bhai, we spoke to Ms Patani about how much she loves fashion and how important it is for her to express herself through her clothes. Here’s how it went: 

Your outfits in dance numbers are gaining quite a lot of popularity. From the yellow saree in Slow Motion to the two-piece in Do you Love Me, how do you think your outfits play an important role? 

I love clothes and whenever I have a song, we always have in mind what I’m going to wear whenever we’re doing the choreography. It really matters with the kind of steps you have, the choreography you have. I should be comfortable with what I wear and it should also add more to the choreography. I’m glad that I keep getting opportunities to discover more styles and find out what I can wear. 

Your personal style is a mix of oversized shirts to corset tops to lehengas. So what is that one style you relate to the most?  

I don’t know fashion, I like wearing nice clothes and honestly speaking 90% of the time, I’m in my basketball shorts. I’m always wearing chappals and oversized T-shirts and I think I’m the most comfortable in them. But, when I’m going out, I make sure that I put some effort and look a little different than I usually look. I usually wear what I like, I don’t know fashion and trends a lot. I just see something and think ‘I like it and I’ll wear it.’ It depends on what I’m feeling. Whether it’s sexy, cute or a tomboy. But, basketball shorts and Jordans are my most favourite.

Moving on to beauty, most of us are crushing on your long and luscious hair. What’s the secret behind it? 

Trust me, I was just having a conversation with my hairstylist and my hair has gotten so dry. In spite of all the things we do to our hair, I feel fortunate to have hair on my head. A tong or a straightener is used 6 to 7 times a day on my hair along with hairspray and back-combing, it’s so much of a torture. So when I know my hair is getting damaged, I just take precautions and put a mask. I used to do that home remedy stuff but I realised I don’t know if putting eggs in your hair works and it’s not easy for people to be with you after that. 

When it comes to skincare, what are the home remedies that you swear by? 

Since last year, I wasn’t really into skincare. I have a skin issue called Rosacea, which causes inflammation on the skin. My skin is extremely sensitive under the sun and even if I come out of the shower, it gets red and often I develop boils. It does not calm down until I use a cream on it. So for most of my life, I’ve used what my doctor prescribed. Recently I’ve discovered Youtube channels where people talk about skincare, niacinamide, AHAs and BHAs. I keep seeing these videos and keep ordering stuff online and quite a lot of times, I’ve ruined my skin. I’m slowly understanding what suits me and what doesn’t. I think eating healthy and working out is really important for your skin.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

She literally had the worst and trashiest style. Pretty girl but zero style.

Anonymous 1 month ago

so what do you know love >.<

Anonymous 1 month ago

She's refreshingly honest,

Anonymous 1 month ago

Yes all I know is how to show my skin, no acting nothing, just a pure skin show..

Anonymous 1 month ago