EXCLUSIVE- Manish Malhotra: Kareena Kapoor Khan was a very chilled-out and cool bride

Ace designer Manish Malhotra catches up with Pinkvilla on his most special bride till date, the latest trends to look forward to in his brides and more. Read on!
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Vogue Wedding Show 2018, a three-day lavish wedding exhibition, showcased the finest, latest and most exclusive services in the bridal world at Taj Palace, Delhi from 3rd - 5th August.

Like every year, Vogue Wedding Show'18 took the capital city by storm. Where we got in touch with every Indian bride's dream designer- Manish Malhotra who gave us some insights on the latest bridal trends, modern brides, his most special bride, his recent showstoppers Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif and more.

Here is what he had to say:

How is Manish Malhotra’s bride going to be this wedding season?

Manish: Manish Malhotra’s bride this season is going to be very young, very different, and also open to experimental of color, cut style. Maybe she’ll have animal motifs on her lehenga and she wouldn’t fear to be different. She wouldn’t fear wearing an off-beat colour, she wouldn’t fear wearing an open neckline.

Apart from the wedding lehenga what is that one striking feature that catches your attention in a bride?

Manish: In a bride, it's always great to see how she’s put everything together and how experimental and different she’s been; not just for the sake of being experimental and different, but because she wants to be experimental and different and that I think to me would be the most striking. The fact that she’s gone up there and worn something different and also put it together differently with makeup jewelry make it all the more interesting.

Who has been your most special bride till date?

Manish: So many! But if I had to mention one then it would be Kareena Kapoor Khan because she was a very cool bride. She was very chilled-out, very relaxed. Recently, I styled Poorna Patel and she’s been a wonderful bride too. She looked gorgeous. Again, very relaxed, very stressed-free and very lovely.

If a bride tries to get adventurous and decides to elope at the last minute, what should be the must-haves?

Manish: She should elope with a Manish Malhotra outfit (laughs).

How are millennial brides different from the ones we had 10-20 years back?

Manish: 20 years back I was not doing this since my brand is only 13-year-old. Before that, I was only designing costumes for movies. But I think the new generation bride is very clear on what she wants, which design goes for which event with which color. Nowadays the bride-to-be comes with her sister, mother, mother-in-law but she’s not asking them for any piece of advice or suggestions because she knows what she wants. And I love that about the young generation of brides today, they totally know what they want.

You had a fabulous show recently with Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif as your showstoppers. How did it feel to have that powerful pair for the show?

Manish: I think they were the perfect showstoppers! I asked them and they sweetly said yes to me. I was really touched. The show turned out to be spectacular and I’m so happy about it.

Who would you like to doll up for her big day from Bollywood?

Manish: I think for me it’s not just about a Bollywood bride, I’ve already worked with all Bollywood actors. To me every single bride is important. Whether I meet them here or in my stores because by making their outfits I’m a part of their special day or the special three days whether it's Sangeet or Mehendi or Wedding or Wedding Reception.

One colour a bride can blindly go for if she’s in a fix?

Manish: Ivory, without a doubt.

Destination weddings have become a thing lately. What according to you should guests be packing up in order to avoid the excess baggage?

Manish: I think it’s important to know where you’re going, what is the weather like or what is the location. You really can’t be wearing velvet embroidery when you’re going to a summer location or a beach location.

You're known to be very close with the late actor- Sridevi's family. What do you have to say about Janhvi Kapoor's big Bollywood debut?

Manish: You know what? I am not surprised to see Janhvi being so good in her first film. I always expected this, I am the one who told Karan that he must sign her. I've always believed in her and I think she's very focused, very hardworking. She has her mother's genes. I think with every film she's going to get better and better, this is just the beginning.

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Blah blah blah, these celebs live off of their past. What was so special about Kareena or her bridal outfit or being a bride. Nothing special at all

Exactly. Too much of you scratch my back I scratch yours.

How many more years will we have to hear about Kareena's wedding and pregnancy?
Until Taimur brings home a wife?

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