EXCLUSIVE: Stylist Nitasha Gaurav says, 'Gully Boy star Ranveer Singh changed the outlook of men's fashion'

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EXCLUSIVE: Stylist Nitasha Gaurav says, 'Gully Boy star Ranveer Singh changed the outlook of men's fashion'

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”, quoted Coco Chanel, one of the most popular figures of the global fashion history. It certainly manages to define that fashion is all about style, perfection and most importantly being true to yourself. In a country like ours where men's fashion hadn’t really seen the light of the day, a huge revolution came into force and took the nation by storm. It is rightly said that no one can play your role better than yourself and trust quirky Singh, Ranveer Singh to echo the same thought. This unapologetic chaos is painted by a master who sings the same twisted tune. In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Nitasha Gaurav, the genius behind Ranveer’s explosive colour outfits, talks in detail about his unfiltered, true and flamboyant style.



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If there is one blanket question which runs across everyone’s minds, it is that how does Singh come up with these out of box style? Nitasha clearing the air says, “working with him is a perfect fit as I get to express what’s on his mind through what he wears. As they say, it takes two to tango and I enjoy the madness, in fact, he is the madness! Moreover, while styling an individual, it is essential to be in tangent with their personal style and expression. Working with Ranveer for so many years now, we’ve grown together organically into the creation of expression of what he is today.”

Bollywood’s most exuberant film-maker, Karan Johar has openly credited that the 33-year-old is single-handedly responsible for bringing prominence to men’s fashion in our country. Ranveer’s wing-woman Nitasha agreed with what Johar had to say. She said, “Not everyone has what it takes to carry off things as Ranveer does. What it did was that it opened doors for other people to experiment. So, there’s literally a ‘before’ Ranveer and an ‘after’ Ranveer phase in the Indian Men’s fashion scene.”



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How does one get the spirit and credence to unleash such terrific articulation? To which Gaurav expounds, “With somebody confident as Ranveer Singh besides you, it lets your mind and creativity run riot. As he carries off every style with so much panache, he instantly inspires people to try these things out too. May be not exactly the way he does it, but they get inspired by the colors, patterns, silhouettes and fabrics. Moreover, the designer is coming out with ensembles that did not exist a decade before.”

When probed further about his obsession with colours, she defended his freedom of choice. “Ranveer enjoys colours and he is not somebody who wants to be limited, whether with his craft or his fashion choices. Moreover, he is just really happy to be someone who immensely enjoys colours!” Well, we ain't complaining and clearly not the paparazzi too.  

To put things into perspective, we truly believe that Ranveer Singh hasn’t shone brighter (quite literally!) in all these years. In fact, let’s just say in his own words that he is ‘living his dream’. He is magnetic; his energy is infectious; he’s got India hooked to his beats. Basically, he is slowly but steadily marking his signature on every inch of this country’s heartbeat. Truly, we’re all getting Ranveer-tastic! Our man has never been this comfortable and we couldn’t have asked for more.  



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Gully Boy, which is India's first ever movie based on rap and hip-hop culture, is all set to hit the screens today. Spurring the super-stylist to spill some beans on the rundown in curating Singh's look for the promotions, Nitasha says, “This is a film that is super close to his heart as  he’s always been into music and rap since his childhood. The film is dear to him as it has an emotional connection with something that he immensely enjoys and is passionate about. Ranveer constantly discussed the plot and the concept of the film. Understanding his love for music, rap and the whole idea of ‘find his tribe’ was pretty much the guideline in creating the looks he's been sporting lately. Ideally, I wanted to highlight his love for something that he is passionate about through his looks.”

The King of Quirk is seldom sighted without a piece from his all-time preferred brand Adidas Originals. We have all been curiously wondering the reason as to why he cannot do without this one sporty brand. The brain-box behind Mr. Quirky Singh seems to have an answer for us, “Ranveer has always loved the brand. He’s also had a very long-term association with Adidas Originals and he literally wears it all the time! It is a huge part of his wardrobe and of course, Adidas Originals is a brand of the youth, as it speaks about different people and reflects the ethos of the young tribe all around the world. You could come from any strata of the society and it would speak your language. Thus, the association between Ranveer and the brand will always be enduring.”



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Even when there are a plethora of alternatives available for enlivening a garb, the male force in our country has always taken a backseat when it came to add-ons and accessories. But then again, the supercharged hero of the B-town has broken that formula as well. Speculating on this thought, Ms. Gaurav responds, "The time it took to separate fashion on gender lines is long over now. Looking back historically, men in India donned very extravagant accessories. Everything from the footwear to headgears to swords was as extravagant as possible. In between changes dawned upon men’s fashion, and it became more conservative. Continuing to divide fashion on gender line in today’s DNA is very redundant as fashion has become the ultimate form of self-expression. Now, Ranveer being 'Ranveer Singh', enjoys it as it best expresses his psyche.”





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Being the one who has been tailoring these swagger looks for the man of the moment, we prodded Nitasha to spill about her personal style as well. With a scatty chuckle, she avowed, “Most people when they meet me are surprised to find out that 'I AM Ranveer Singh’s stylist' because I pretty much looks the opposite of what he is. Right now, I'm very non-core when it comes to fashion. A simple t-shirt and a pair of denim are my go-to pieces of clothing. At the moment, my emphasis tends to be on my work, I am expressing myself through my work with Ranveer.”


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Fashion is a unique source of artistic and creative expression, especially today when human contacts are so quick and fashion is an instant language. Through her work and intuitive skills, the brain box behind Bollywood’s main man’s fashion facade makes this statement heard and understood. Moreover, we feel liberated when we see this Ranveer being his unapologetic self. Nitasha has played a cosmic part in engendering this magnificent abstraction of a star, i.e. Ranveer Singh and we cannot wait to see the manifestations the duo has in stores for us!


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